MSc thesis projects - Distributed autonomous sensing systems

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects related to the theme Distributed autonomous sensing systems. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor.

[Internship] 3D Depth Perception Using Drones

Sensor fusion for Depth Perception in Offshore Environments

Design of sparse network control

Sparse Control of Linear Dynamical Systems with Application to Wind Farm Control

Occupancy mapping for automotive applications

[NXP] for automotive applications

Sparse Nonuniform Optical Phased Array Design

Design of optical phased array for a lidar sensor

Sparse imaging and reconstruction in a pixel array

Towards brain-inspired AI hardware

In this project, we will investigate a factor-graph representation to derive local learning rules that will allow for low-cost adaptive AI hardware.

Thesis topics at CWI

Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam

Distributed relative PNT for Lunar surface missions

Relative position, navigation and timing of a rover swarm

Distributed formation control of swarms

Designing geometry-aware distributed algorithms for formation-flying

Audio processing in wireless earbuds (Several assignments with the company Dopple)

What can you do with an in-ear computer, 8 microphones, a motion sensor, and multiple wireless links?

Distributed processing for multiple radar nodes

Developing distributed algorithms for radar systems

Cooperative relative navigation of anchorless network

How can network of mobile nodes cooperatively localize, synchronize and orient themselves?

[AnyWi] Quality of service for drones

Develop technologies and systems for a reliable command, control, communication and security link (also known as a C3+S link) for drones