MSc thesis projects - Audio and acoustic signal processing

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects related to the theme Audio and acoustic signal processing. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor.

Decoding Emotions: Advanced Analysis of Vocal Expressions in Children With Hearing Impairment

Detecting differences in vocal emotions of Children with and without hearing impairments. This project is a collaboration between TUDelft - SPS and Sophia Children’s Hospital at EMC Rotterdam.

Will High-Mobility Modulations Open Up the Ocean?

An assignment on signal processing for underwater acoustics in collaboration with TNO and the NLDA.

Audio processing in wireless earbuds (Several assignments with the company Dopple)

What can you do with an in-ear computer, 8 microphones, a motion sensor, and multiple wireless links?

Spectral Noise Estimation for Hearing Aids

Absolute Audio Labs BV (AAL) is an internationally recognised innovation leader in the field of advanced hearing, voice and safe listening embedded software applications. Most AAL applications are dependent on reliable noise estimation as the first step in the audio chain. In this assignment, the task is to develop an improved noise PSD estimator.

In ear (with hearing aid) based Biomedical Signal Processing

Over the last years, Sonion has developed an offering to measure Biomedical signals in the ear based on PPG technology. The goal of this project is to advance this technology in order extract information on the users' physiological condition.

Active Noise Reduction for MRIs

Patients who undergo MRI scanning or are treated with radiotherapy on a MRLinac in a mask suffer from acoustic noise produced by the MR scanner. The aim is to reduce acoustic noise burden to the patient.

Adaptive audio processing (with the company Axign)

Axign is a fabless chip supplier serving the worldwide audio markets in consumer and professional audio. Axign’s mission is to create the ultimate audio experience for high volume products at lowest system cost enabled by Axign’s disruptive innovative & patented inventions.

Several thesis projects/internships on adaptive audio processing are available with Axign. For more information see the more detailed description.


This MSC project is about the systematic design of passive attenuation curves for different applications within the hearing protection area.

Acoustic transfer function estimation for beamforming applications

Machine learning and speech enhancement

Optimisation and Modelling of speech intelligibility