MSc thesis projects - Signal processing for communication

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects related to the theme Signal processing for communication. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor.

Occupancy mapping for automotive applications

[NXP] for automotive applications

Intelligent reflecting surfaces aided communication algorithms

How can we optimize the end-to-end throughput of an IRS system?

Design of sparse network control

Sparse imaging and reconstruction in a pixel array

Will High-Mobility Modulations Open Up the Ocean?

An assignment on signal processing for underwater acoustics in collaboration with TNO and the NLDA.

Sparse Nonuniform Optical Phased Array Design

Design of optical phased array for a lidar sensor

Distributed correlators for interferometry

Developing distributed algorithms for space-based radio astronomy

Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces

An IRS is a controllable reflect array with a massive number of low-cost passive elements. How can we do channel estimation to steer these elements?

MIMO radar for automotive applications

Several thesis topics in collaboration with NXP

[AnyWi] Quality of service for drones

Develop technologies and systems for a reliable command, control, communication and security link (also known as a C3+S link) for drones

Graph Convolutional Neural Networks for Solar Irradiance/Weather Prediction

Digital processing for large pixel array 3D-TOF systems

Large SPAD pixel arrays imply large volumes of data. Transferring this huge amount of data is impractical. As a result, a power/area efficient algorithm is needed for on chip data processing.

Internships Fleet Cleaner

Fleet Cleaner develops and deploys robots for ship hull cleaning. They are an innovative technical company based in Delft. The Fleet Cleaner robot removes fouling from a ship’s hull, thereby increasing fuel efficiency dramatically and reducing fuel costs. The projects at Fleet Cleaner try to optimize the operation of the cleaning process.

Signal Design for Accurate Time-of-Arrival Estimation Using Sparse Subband Signals

Design of multiple sub-band signals for high accuracy Time-of-Arrival estimation.

Matched subspace methods for outage detection in smart grids

The goal of this project is to develop signal processing techniques for detecting anomalies in smart grids networks

Analyzing the characteristics of a leader in a diffusion network

Detecting anomaly patterns in networks

Using graph signal processing to filter and analyze data on a network

Data reconstruction on networks

Using graph signal processing to filter and interpolate data on a network