MSc thesis project proposal

Design of sparse network control

The behavior of large-scale systems (like social networks) is decided by numerous adjustable factors (like each individual’s opinion). The popular use of social media, where people create, share, and exchange information and ideas, has a significant influence on social opinion formulation. It is not uncommon for "netizens" to be influenced by popular opinions. This observation motivates the need to study sensing and decision-making in social networks and identify 'word-of-mouth' strategies for social networks.  Controlling the network by optimizing all the elements is infeasible, motivating us to tune only a few (sparse) variables. Sparse control operates due to the ‘word-of-mouth’ network effect. The goal of the project is to design sparse control, including resource (such as energy and delay) constraints.


This project investigates the optimal strategies of the agents to drive the network opinion to the desired state. It relies on sparse signal processing tools with a flavor of control theory. The project offers an opportunity to work with my collaborators abroad.


For this project, we are looking for a master's student in either electrical engineering or any related study. Furthermore, we are looking for a student who has a background in signal processing, basic statistical techniques, data analysis, and programming skills in Matlab, Python, and/or C/C++. Strong communication (written and verbal) skills in English are mandatory. 


dr. Geethu Joseph

Signal Processing Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2024-03-11