MSc thesis projects - Graph Signal Processing

Here is a list of possible MSc thesis projects related to the theme Graph Signal Processing. This is intended just to give an idea, actual projects are usually defined after discussion with the advisor.

Design of sparse network control

Sparse Control of Linear Dynamical Systems with Application to Wind Farm Control

Towards brain-inspired AI hardware

In this project, we will investigate a factor-graph representation to derive local learning rules that will allow for low-cost adaptive AI hardware.

EEG-based Brain Signatures for Personalized Therapeutic Intervention in Chronic Pain

Chronic-pain management remains a complex clinical challenge, often requiring personalized therapeutic approaches. EEG data offers valuable insights into the underlying brain activity associated with chronic pain conditions. Traditional analysis methods may overlook crucial information, necessitating a focus on constructing forward models based on EEG-derived brain signatures. These models can facilitate personalized interventions by targeting specific brain regions implicated in pain processing. This thesis aims at developing advanced techniques for constructing forward models based on EEG-derived brain signatures in chronic pain patients. Machine learning (ML) and data-driven approaches will be utilized to identify and characterize unique brain signatures associated with different chronic pain conditions, including neuropathic and fibromyalgia pain. This will be the first key-step towards personalized therapeutic interventions through in-silico stimulation and computational modeling, with the ultimate goal of optimizing treatment strategies for individual patients.