MSc thesis project proposal


Project outside the university

This MSC project is about the systematic design of passive attenuation curves for different applications within the hearing protection area.
We would like to develop a methodology to take into account the users hearing profile, desired level of acoustic damping, the specific hearing environment, desired speech intelligibility, etc. to automatically design the hearing plugs. This requires a combination of knowledge on acoustic modelling, signal processing, hearing models and the impact of materials on acoustics. The expected outcome of the project is model that can help in the design of hearing plugs, where, based on a prior specification, the design criteria of the hearing plug are determined.
The project will be carried out at Delft University of Technology in collaboration with the company Alpine. To gain understanding on the products and related problems the student is expected to also spend some time at Alpine. The supervision at DUT will be done by Dr. Jorge Martinez and Dr. ir. Richard C. Hendriks

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