MSc thesis project proposal

Distributed processing for multiple radar nodes

There is a significant interest in transforming radar sensing from a single, complicated and bulky node, to a network of multiple, cooperating radar nodes. These can be mobile on vehicles, drones, ships, and typically need to communicate to each other, know their reciprocal locations, and be synchronised in terms of sharing a common phase reference signal (for example through GPS or GNSS disciplined oscillators).

When performing a certain radar macro-task, for example the detection and the classification of possible targets, interesting research questions arise from the possibility of coordinating and combining the information from multiple nodes. This essentially results in implementing these tasks in a distributed manner. What should each node do and what/when can they exchange information? In addition, individual nodes may be corrupted by intentional jamming or due to accidental interference from another system, which must be identified and resolved. As the distributed system has multiple nodes, is the missing information somehow possible to recover and restore by looking at and combining what the other nodes have collected?

Co-supervised by Dr. Francesco Fioranelli, MS3 group


A self-motivated student with a strong background system design, linear algebra and statistical signal processing. Previous experience distributed algorithms and radar systems is an added plus. Advanced coding skills in MATLAB and Python (or R) is required. Strong written and verbal communication skills in English is mandatory. The expected project duration is 32 weeks.


dr. Raj Thilak Rajan

Signal Processing Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2022-12-27