MSc W Yu

PhD student
Signal Processing Systems (SPS), Department of Microelectronics

Expertise: audio signal processing

Themes: Audio and acoustic signal processing


Wangyang Yu is a PhD student with Bastiaan Kleijn, working on the "Distributed Processing of Audio Signals" project. She obtained the MSc degree from TU Delft, SPS (CAS) group with Richard Heusdens in 2017.

Projects history

Distributed Processing of Audio Signals

Industry-sponsored project that aims to develop new distributed processing approaches and new computational methods for determining the acoustic room response.

  1. Distributed TDOA-based indoor source localisation
    Wangyang Yu; N.D. Gaubitch; R. Heusdens;
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  2. Outer $(J_1,J_2)$-lossless factorizations of linear discrete time-varying systems
    X. Yu; J. Scherpen; A.J. van der Veen; P.M. Dewilde;
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  3. Time-varying System Identification, J-lossless Factorization, and H$_\infty$ Control
    Xiaode Yu;
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  4. A Class of Subspace Model Identification Algorithms to identify Periodically and Arbitrarily Time-Varying Systems
    M. Verhaegen; X. Yu;
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  5. Application of a Time-Varying Subspace Model Identification Scheme to the Identification of the Human Joint Dynamics
    X. Yu; M. Verhaegen;
    In Proc. European Control Conf.,
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