Audio and acoustic signal processing

Contact: Richard Hendriks

This theme centers on theoretical foundations and algorithms for audio, acoustic, and speech signals. The main research areas currently covered are multimedia data compression (speech, audio, video), single- and multi-channel speech enhancement, signal processing for large-scale sensor networks (localization, distributed signal processing), signal processing for hearing aids, and acoustical signal processing.

The audio and speech processing group has tight connections with industry (sponsored research), e.g., Google, Huawei, Bosch, Bang & Olufsen, Oticon A/S, Philips, etc.

Projects under this theme

Personalized Auditory Scene Modification to Assist Hearing Impaired People

Algorithms to personalize the presented auditory scene for improved speech intelligibility and sound localization hearing impaired users

Model Based Parameter Estimation to Assist Hearing Assistive Devices

To jointly estimate all acoustic scene parameters that are required to successfully improve the speech intelligibility and preserve the spatial cues.


Smart sensing for Aviation

Detecting damages in composite material manufacturing

Distributed Processing of Audio Signals

Industry-sponsored project that aims to develop new distributed processing approaches and new computational methods for determining the acoustic room response.

Spatially Correct Multi-Microphone Noise Reduction Strategies suitable for Hearing Aids

multichannel signal processing algorithms to help hearing aid users

Speech enhancement in wireless acoustic sensor networks

Distributed speech enhancement algorithms using a large number of microphones distributed in the environment

Intelligibility enhancement for speech communication systems

Can we do "precoding" of speech signals to enhance their intelligibility at the receiver, taking channel distortions and environmental noise into account?

Intelligibility Enhancement of Noisy Speech

The objective of the project is to develop a speech enhancement system which specifically aims at improving the intelligibility of the speech signal.