Specialization profile--Biomedical signal procesing

Biomedical Signal Processing focuses on signal processing for the acquisition, modeling, analysis and processing of biomedical signals. These can be natural signals from the body, as with signals measured in the heart or brain (EEG, ECG), or multichannel signals from imaging systems (e.g. ultrasound, MRI or photo-acoustic imaging).

Suggested courses

AP3232DMedical imaging signals and systems6 EC details
BM1108Physiology and engineering3 EC details
EE4182Digital audio and speech processing (not running)6 EC details
EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4555Active implantable biomedical microsystems5 EC details
EE4650Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging5 EC details
EE4685Machine learning, a Bayesian perspective5 EC details
EE4715Array processing5 EC details
EE4750Tensor networks for green AI and signal processing4 EC details
ET4127Themes in Biomedical Electronics4 EC details
ET4386Estimation and detection5 EC details
IN4307Medical visualization5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
SPSHeart rate extraction from speech signals
Assessment of patient’s therapy response based on smartphone data
Contactless determination of vital parameters for improved healthcare (with Intelliprove)
Cell-to-sensor distance estimation for epicardiac measurements
Improving signal quality of a wearable device for electrocardiogram (ECG) measurement
Dynamic brain network analysis
Accurate blood signal extraction to study brain function with functional ultrasound
Cardiac Arrhythmia Data Analysis (several projects)
Optimizing the analysis of auditory event-related potentials in EEG (with Erasmus Medical Center)
Signal processing for wearable sensing of heart rhythm and function
Energy-efficient seizure detection for wearable EEG
Active Noise Reduction for MRIs
In ear (with hearing aid) based Biomedical Signal Processing
Audio processing in wireless earbuds (Several assignments with the company Dopple)

Thesis examples

SPS 2022 Zhuangzhuang YuMachine Learning of Ultrasound Data: Cardiovascular Parameters Detection Using Carotid Artery Measurements
Xiaoning ShiEnergy-efficient seizure detection for wearable EEG
Haoran BiExtreme precipitation nowcasting using deep generative model
Renjie DaiDetecting Medical Equipment in the Catheterization Laboratory using Computer Vision
Enpu ChenReconstruction and Rendering of Buildings as Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
Jinchen ZengAutomatic Camera Extrinsics Estimation in the Catheterization Laboratory
Yitong TaoFrequency Domain Joint Estimation of HRF and Stimulus from fUS Data
William HunterImproving the Estimation of Epicardial Activation Times Using Spatial Information
Yanan HuSearch by Image: Deep Learning Based Image Visual Feature Extraction
Cees KosSensor-to-Cell Height Estimation for Conductivity Estimation in Cardiac Cells
Ruben WijnandsAnalyzing dynamic functional connectivity using state-space models on mice fUS data
Jordi de VriesEstimation of Atrial Fibre Directions Based on Epicardial Electrograms
Tijs MoreeEstimating atrial activity in epicardial electrograms
2021 Arda KayganAnalyzing Functional Ultrasound Images of the Brain Using Tensor Decompositions
Gaia ZinInvestigation of focal epilepsy using graph signal processing
Sarthak AgarwalQuantifying the dynamic interactions between physiological signals to predict the exposure from chemicals
Karen van der WerffImage Reconstruction for Multicoil Low-field MRI
Yingfeng JiangAutomated Personnel Activities Observation in the Catheterization Laboratory
Maarten EnthovenDifferentiating Task-Based Functional Ultrasound Signals via Data-Driven Decompositions
Bas LieskerCorrection of Field Inhomogeneities in Low-Field MRI During Image Reconstruction
Teun de SmalenBoundary Element Method in coil design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Javier Guinea PerezMice tracking using infrared subcutaneous implants for error detection
2020 Prernna BhatnagarNumerical Body Model Inference for Individualized RF exposure Prediction in Neuroimaging at 7T MRI
Kriti DhingraAccelerating (Compressed) SENSE Scans in MRI
Yuchen YinAtrial Fibrillation classification from a short single lead ECG recording
Maria Macarulla RodriguezLow-field MR Imaging Using a Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform
Manojna VedulaMyelin Imaging in Brain using Inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer(ihMT) at 3T and 7T
Karishma KumarTwo-Dimensional Blood Flow Estimation in the Brain with Ultrafast Ultrasound
2019 Joris BelierWave Dynamics in Inverse Krylov Subspaces
Rajesh RajwadeMagnetic Resonance Imaging motion correction in k-space
Bart KöllingAtrial activation time estimation using cross-correlation between higher order neighboring electrodes
Chenhong JiNonrigid Image Registration using 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Application to Brain MR images
Sherine BrahmaSignal Modelling and Imaging of Low Field MRI
Xin AnTransverse 3D Electrical Properties Tomography
Bram VisserCalibration of a Single element ultrasound transducer using an aberration mask
Pranav PrakashIdentication of Quasi Normal Modes
Yiting LuDevelopment of Data Processing Algorithms for UWB Radar-based Long-Term Health Monitoring
Bastian GenerowiczImproving Ultrafast Doppler Imaging using Subspace Tracking
2018 Yuyang WangAn automated ECG signal quality assessment method with supervised learning algorithm
Lars RehbeinModel-Based Iterative Image Reconstruction for Echo-Planar Imaging
Haidong HaoVessel Layer Separation of X-ray Angiographic Images using Deep Learning Methods
2017 Jiying DaiCSI-EPT: Towards practical implementation
2016 Michiel GerlachDielectric Shimming: Optimization Techniques for Dielectric Pads in MRI
Andrejs FedjajevsUltrasound Imaging Using a Single Element Transducer
Pim van der MeulenRegularized Least Squares Imaging for High Resolution Ultrasound
Patrick FuchsMRI based Electrical Properties Tomography: Electromagnetic inversion
2015 Marina NanoAutomated Detection of Central Apnea in Preterm Infants
Vana PanagiotouBlind Segmentation of Time-Series
Di FengHeart Rate Variability Analysis Based on Instantaneous Frequency Estimation

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