MSc thesis project proposal

Automatic analysis of acoustic and semantic aspects of speech in psychiatric disorders

Project outside the university

Erasmus MC

In the continuously evolving digital age, the healthcare sector is tapping into technological advancements to enhance healthcare delivery. Information derived from analyzing speech (acoustic signals) and language production (words and sentences) serves as a useful window into the mental health of an individual.  Psychiatric disorders often manifest as impairments in fluency, verbal productivity, and speech coherence.

The automatic analysis of speech offers the potential to identify language biomarkers, which could improve early detection and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders. For this project, we possess a considerable collection of speech recordings from high-risk adolescents with detailed information on psychopathology. Your role in this study will be to assess the unique value of acoustic and semantic aspects of speech in relation to psychopathology.

If you're interested in exploring the potential of speech as biomarker for psychiatry, and want to make a meaningful impact in healthcare, we encourage you to apply for this graduation opportunity.



·       Fluent in Dutch (spoken and written)

·       Background in clinical technology or related fields

·       Strong communication and collaboration skills

Contact Justin Dauwels

Signal Processing Systems Group

Department of Microelectronics

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