Specialization profile--Astronomical instrumentation

This profile relates to the CosmoNanoscience research theme of the Terahertz Sensing group. In this theme, we develop new types of astronomical instruments, which enable us to observe galaxies in the early universe at sub-terahertz frequencies.

Compulsory courses for this profile are:

  • Q1: EE4C05 Electromagnetics
  • Q2: EE4510 Advanced electromagnetics
  • Q3: EE4725 Quasi optical systems
  • Q4: EE4745 Superconducting astronomical instrumentation

Suggested courses

AP3701Submm and terahertz physics and applications3 EC details
EE4510Advanced electromagnetics5 EC details
EE4565Propagation and scattering of electromagnetic waves5 EC details
EE4620Spectral domain methods in electromagnetics4 EC details
EE4725Quasi optical systems4 EC details
EE4730High frequency wireless architectures3 EC details
EE4745Superconducting astronomical instrumentation5 EC details
EE4C05Electromagnetics5 EC details
EE4C13Wireless systems for electrical engineering applications5 EC details
ET4289Integrated circuits and MEMS technology4 EC details
ET4386Estimation and detection5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):

Thesis examples

THZ 2023 Alexandra MavropoulouOn the Design of Lens Array Architectures for the TIFUUN Imaging Spectrometer
2022 Louis MartingEnhanced Filterbanks for THz On-Chip Spectrometers
2021 Nina Beschoor PlugDesign and Implementation of a Superconducting Phase-Shifter
Stefanie BrackenhoffSPLITTER: A data model and algorithm for detecting spectral lines and continuum emission of high-redshift galaxies using DESHIMA 2.0
2016 Boy BosReactive Sputter Deposition of Superconducting NbTiN Thin Films
2022 Wilbert RasMicrowave Kinetic Inductance Detectors For The Mid-Infrared
Sietse de BoerCompact MKIDs

Contact person

For more information about the research group, possible thesis topics, and suggestions for your ISP:

dr. Akira Endo

Terahertz Sensing Group

Department of Microelectronics