EE4730 High frequency wireless architectures

The course covers the following topics:

  1. Time-domain systems with photo-conductive antennas
  2. Line of Sight communication systems with directive antennas
  3. Imaging systems at high frequencies

Study Goals

The students will be able to

  • Understand time-domain sensing systems and photoconductive pulsed source modeling techniques
  • Analyze spectroscopic measurements obtained on a time-domain system
  • Understand high-frequency communication scenarios and their trade-offs
  • Apply quasi-optical system concepts on over-the-air high-frequency antenna measurements
  • Understand high-frequency imaging systems and their trade-offs
  • Apply quasi-optical system concepts on a real high-frequency imaging system



dr. Maria Alonso-delPino (THZ)

mm- and sub-mm wave heterodyne and direct detection receivers, antennas and quasioptical systems

prof.dr. Nuria Llombart (THZ)

THz planar antennas, periodic structures, reflector antennas, lens antennas and waveguide structures

prof.dr. Andrea Neto (THZ)

Applied electromagnetics, THz broadband imaging systems, antennas

dr. Marco Spirito (ELCA)

(Sub)mm-wave electronics components and systems, (Sub)mm-wave characterization techniques and test benches, advanced RF calibration concepts for room-temperature and cryogenic applications.

Last modified: 2024-03-26


Credits: 3 EC
Period: 0/0/0/3
Contact: Maria Alonso-delPino