EE4725 Quasi optical systems

Topics: Green's function of stratified media, spectral domain analysis of printed antennas, periodic structures, quasi optics

This course includes the 5 topics listed hereafter:

  1. Spectral domain Green's function and Far Field evaluation (4 hours)
  2. Physical Optics for reflector and lens antennas (8 hours)
  3. Focal Plane Arrays and Fourier Optics (4 hours)
  4. Diffraction from half-plane (2 hours)
  5. Periodic structures and arrays (8 hours)

Study Goals

The student will be able to

  1. derive and use the spectral Green's function method for EM problems (diffraction, optics, evaluation of far-fields);
  2. apply electromagnetic methods (physical optics, Fourier optics) for quasi-optical systems and analyze focal plane arrays;
  3. apply the mathematical tools for describing the behavior of periodic arrays;


prof.dr. Andrea Neto (THZ)

Applied electromagnetics, THz broadband imaging systems, antennas

prof.dr. Nuria Llombart (THZ)

THz planar antennas, periodic structures, reflector antennas, lens antennas and waveguide structures

dr. Daniele Cavallo (THZ)

Phased Arrays, antenna modeling and design, integrated antennas

Last modified: 2024-03-26


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0//0/0/3
Contact: Andrea Neto