Specialization profile--Systems and control

Systems and Control focuses on the development of mathematical models of complex dynamic systems, as well as on the use of these models to optimize/control their behavior in feed-forward and feedback configurations. The strength of feedback control rests in its capacity for dealing with uncertainty. This makes it possible to design low-complexity controllers for achieving high performance in controlled complex systems.

Suggested courses

EE4540Distributed signal processing (not running)5 EC details
EE4715Array processing5 EC details
SC4015Robust and Multivariable Control Design5 EC details
SC4025Control theory6 EC details
SC4091Optimization in Systems and Control4 EC details
SC4210Vehicle mechatronics4 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
MS3[New! TUD-NXP] Fusion of mono-static and bi-static radar responses (01.12.2022)
[New! TUD-NXP] Codesign of 2D Antenna Array and DOA Estimation (01.12.2022)
SPSSignal processing for wearable sensing of heart rhythm and function
Matched subspace methods for outage detection in smart grids
Internships Fleet Cleaner
Analyzing the characteristics of a leader in a diffusion network
Design of Sparse Network Control
Active Noise Reduction for MRIs
Cooperative relative navigation of anchorless network
[SRON] Distributed formation flying in multi-agent systems
[NLR] Sensor-fusion for autonomous drone navigation
[AnyWi] Quality of service for drones
CNN accelerator: Multipliers vs. shifters!

Thesis examples

2015 Dejan BorotaDesign of a position determination system for a ships hull maintenance robot
2014 Joao Lopes e SilvaDistributed Wavefront Reconstruction for Adaptive Optics Systems
Thijs WensveenReal-Time Optimistic Planning for the Control of Nonlinear Systems
Pieter de BuckLens set-up using PARIS
SPS 2022 Mosab DiabDetect and Avoid for Autonomous Agents in Cluttered Environments
2018 Jinzi QiFrequency Selection for Indoor Ranging Using Compressive Sensing

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