SC42015 Control theory

 State-space description of multivariable linear dynamic systems, interconnections, block diagrams

  • Linearization, equilibria, stability, Lyapunov functions and the Lyapunov equation
  • Dynamic response, relation to modes, the matrix exponential and the variation-of-constants formula
  • Realization of transfer matrix models by state space descriptions, coordinate changes, normal forms
  • Controllability, stabilizability, uncontrollable modes and pole-placement by state-feedback
  • LQ regulator, robustness properties, algebraic Riccati equations
  • Observability, detectability, unobservable modes, state-estimation observer design
  • Output feedback synthesis (one- and two-degrees of freedom) and separation principle
  • Disturbance and reference signal modeling, the internal model principle

Study Goals

The student is able to apply the developed tools both to theoretical questions and to simulation-based controller design projects. More specifically, the student must be able to:

  • Translate differential equation models into state-space and transfer matrix descriptions
  • Linearize a system, determine equilibrium points and analyze local stability
  • Describe the effect of pole locations to the dynamic system response in time- and frequency-domain
  • Verify controllability, stabilizability, observability, detectability, minimality of realizations
  • Sketch the relevance of normal forms and their role for controller design and model reduction
  • Describe the procedure and purpose of pole-placement by state-feedback and apply it
  • Apply LQ optimal state-feedback control and analyze the controlled system
  • Reproduce how to solve Riccati equations and describe the solution properties
  • Explain the relevance of state estimation and build converging observers
  • Apply the separation principle for systematic 1dof and 2dof output-feedback controller design
  • Build disturbance and reference models and apply the internal model principle


T. Keviczky

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Credits: 6 EC
Period: 6/0/0/0