cardiac fibre direction estimator

This function estimates the fibre direction from local activation times of a piece of cardiac tissue, based on the conduction slowness fitting method described in [1]. As an example, it generates all the figures as published in [1].

 [1] J. W. de Vries, M. Sun, N. M. S. de Groot, and R. C. Hendriks, "Estimation of cardiac fibre direction based on activation maps," in 2023 IEEE Int. Conf. Acoust. Speech Signal Process., Rhodes, Greece, Jun. 2023.

Related publications

  1. Estimation of Cardiac Fibre Direction Based on Activation Maps
    J. W. de Vries; M. Sun; N. M. S. de Groot; R. C. Hendriks;
    In IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP),

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Authors: Jordi de Vries, Natasja de Groot, Miao Sun, Richard Hendriks
Date: March 2023
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