Beamforming based Atrial Activity estimation from Electrograms

Inspection of local atrial activity using atrial electrograms (EGMs) is important to determine the arrhythmogenic substrate underlying arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF). During AF, the atrial activity (AA) is often distorted by ventricular activity (VA). An effective means to remove this VA is to use a bipolar electrode configuration. However, this configuration distorts the AA as well.
In this work, AA estimation is formulated as a beamforming problem, common in the field of array signal processing. We propose two different beamformers for AA estimation: One that is an extention of the bipolar electrode towards using more electrodes and a better ventricular transfer function, and one that guarantees a distortionless atrial component. 

Related publications

  1. Estimation of the Atrial Activity from Electrograms: A Beamforming Perspective
    Tijs Moree; Mathijs S. van Schie; Natasja M. S. de Groot; Richard C. Hendriks;
    In Computing in Cardiology,

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