Distributed block-diagonal linearly constrained beamformer

Demonstration of the distributed block-diagonal linearly constrained beamformers proposed in [*] using the primal-dual method of multipliers method [**].

[*] A.I. Koutrouvelis, T.W. Sherson, R. Heusdens & R.C. Hendriks, "A low-cost robust distributed linearly constrained beamformer for wireless acoustic sensor networks with arbitrary topology", IEEE/ACM Trans. on Audio, Speech, and Lang. Proc., 26(8), 1434-1448, 2018.

[**] G. Zhang & R. Heusdens. Distributed optimization using the primal-dual method of multipliers. IEEE Trans. on Signal and Info. Proc. over Networks, 4(1), 173-187, 2018.

Related publications

  1. A Low-Cost Robust Distributed Linearly Constrained Beamformer for Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks with Arbitrary Topology
    A.I. Koutrouvelis; T.W. Sherson; R. Heusdens; R.C. Hendriks;
    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing,
    Volume 26, Issue 8, pp. 1434-1448, August 2018. ISSN: 2329-9290. DOI: 10.1109/TASLP.2018.2829405

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