dr.ir. Z. Irahhauten

Signal Processing Systems (SPS), Department of Microelectronics

PhD thesis (Jan 2009): Ultra-wideband wireless channel: measurements, analysis and modeling
Promotor: Leo Ligthart, Gerard Janssen

Expertise: Wireless channel measurements/modeling


Zoubir Irahhauten was a postdoc in the CAS group in the period 2007-2010, on the Smart Moving Process Environment Actuators and Sensors (Smart-PEAS) project. The objective was to develop Smart PEAS-based UWB technology for liquids and apply it in various types of process equipment.

Main tasks: characterization of transmission properties of UWB-signals in various industrial media, design of a UWB antenna for underwater applications, design a test-bed demonstrator for positioning, investigate the use of acoustic signals.


  1. Channel Measurements and Modeling for a 60 GHz Wireless Link Within a Metal Cabinet
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    Kaifeng Guo; Z. Irahhauten; G.J.M. Janssen; J.H. Weber;
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  4. UWB Ranging Based on Partial Received Sub-Band Signals in Dense Multipath Environments
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  5. Link Budget Analysis and Modeling of Short-Range UWB Channels
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  7. Analysis and modeling of near-field effects on the link budget for UWB-WPAN channels
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  8. A UWB Transformer-C Orthonormal State Space Band-reject Filter in 0.13 um CMOS
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