Specialization profile--Electives: Internet of Things

The Embedded Systems group  and Networked Systems group are sections within the Department of Software Technology.

The Embedded Systems group (chair: Koen Langendoen) believes that seeing is believing. We experiment with many types of wireless networks (let those be LTE, WiFi or sensors) and push the boundaries of what is possible with off-the-shelf and state-of-the-art wireless nodes. We also research new and exciting communication domains, including battery-less devices, visual light communication motes and wireless power transfer networks. We are a group that has a good connection with the industry, allowing our MSc students to do internships and thesis work outside. With us you will learn the bridge the networking theory with practice and will be able to understand how to analyze and prototype real networks (and communication protocols for such). You will also improve your programming skills be knowledgeable about network measurement and simulation.

The Networked Systems group (chair: Fernando Kuipers) works on building internet and communication technologies for a performant, sustainable and trustworthy digitalized society. Our research spans from software development, to algorithm/protocol design, to systems engineering, with the aim to push the envelope in internet, 6G, and IoT. Our group comprises four labs, namely on: (1) internet science, (2) network optimization, (3) exreme IoT, and (4) sustainable sensing and communication.

Compulsory courses for this profile are:
EE4C06 Networking
ET4358 Fundamentals of wireless communications
CESE4120 Smart Phone Sensing

Suggested courses

CESE4045High-performance data networking5 EC details
CESE4050Measuring and simulating the internet5 EC details
CESE4055Ad hoc and sensor networks3 EC details
CESE4060Wireless IoT and local area networks5 EC details
CESE4065Advanced Practical IoT and seminar5 EC details
CESE4120Smart phone sensing5 EC details
CS4430Network security5 EC details
EE4396Mobile networks5 EC details
EE4630Telecommunication network architectures3 EC details
EE4C06Networking5 EC details
EE5020Sensor signal and data processing4 EC details
ET4173Introduction to UWB technology4 EC details
ET4358Fundamentals of wireless communications5 EC details
IN4341Performance analysis of communication networks and systems5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
ELCA[2024] AI4RF: Artificial Intelligence for 6G RF Signal Processing

Thesis examples

2012 N. ZhangWi-Fi Direct based Smart Set-up (WDSS) in Lighting Systems
H. CetinSpectrum Sharing among Cellular Operators from a Game Theoretical Cognitive and Cooperative Networking Perspective
2011 K. DongPerformance and fairness enhancement in ZigBee networks
E. P. StoutDesign and evaluation of a simulation environment for evaluating departure scheduling algorithms
D. PramudiwatiLTE System Performance in Relation to Wideband Channel Properties
E.G. Diaz CastellanosPerformance Analysis and Improvement of Topology Discovery Protocols in Home Networks
P. GuanCombining relaying and base station coordination for improving cell-edge multi-user performance in 3GPP LTE-Advanced networks
T. DikambaDownlink Scheduling in 3GPP Long Term Evolution (LTE)
2010 S. AsoodehOn Achieving the Minimum Energy for Sending One Single Bit with Feedback
K.S. WeldemichaelIntegrating TETRA with Wireless Mesh Networks
X. TianDesign and Implementation of Synchronization of WPAN Devices for Multimedia Playback
F.B. BadinradSystem Design for a High Data Rate Wireless Infrared Multi language Distribution system
2009 V.S. RaoAllocation of Opportunistic Spectrum for Cognitive Radio Ad hoc Networks
J. HaoA Multi-hop Aware Scheduling Mechanism for HSDPA and IEEE 802.11 Integrated Network
X. CuiImproving ZigBee Networks Robustness with Multi-channel Capability
H. DabbaghFree-space Emulator of 60GHz Directional Antenna Equipment
J. HeDesign and Implementation of a Wireless Sensor Network Testbed
M. HawasEvaluation of dependability of MAC and routing protocols in personal networks
M.T. NgoNew upper bounds on the separating redundancy of linear block codes
X. Zhang XinTransmission Power Adaptation Using Link Quality Estimation In IEEE802.11
S.G. GunputConnectivity Maintenance for mmWave WPANs
ES 2015 A.Y. MajidBetter Mobility Support for Radio Spectrum White Space-enabled Devices
M.G. GolinskiDesigning efficient wireless power transfer networks
A.W. DoffSensor-Assisted Movement Identification and Prediction for Beamformed 60 GHz Links
2013 F. AnDensity Adaptive Sleep Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
Tarikul IslamStatistical Modeling of Intelligent Transportation Systems Communication Channels
2012 P. KalyanasundaramCooperative Spectrum Sensing Algorithms in WBAN
P.P. ElavarasuWireless LAN Optimization of HQ audio conferencing system using application layer protocol
P.G. RaghavendraraoVoice over LTE
P.S. GaonkarMap updates: a VANET application
2011 B. Wikan HantoroDistributed Beamforming for Cognitive Radio Networks
Y. LiuGreen Routing Protocols Employing Dual-Radio Cooperation
A.K. KhatibiEvent-driven MAC Protocol For Dual-Radio Cooperation
2010 Y. ZhaoAnalyzing mobility models
G.M. OlcerFuture home networks: Connectivity in 60 GHz Home Networks
2009 R. Doost MohammadyCognitive Radio Design: An SDR Approach
MS3 2013 Maarten KasteleinAircraft Separation Assurance Using Implicit Maneuver Coordination: Issues and Potential Solutions
Ranish Baboeram Panday4D Trajectory De-Confliction For Future ATM By Applying Constraints
2012 Netsanet TessemaNode Selection Technique for Distributed Beamforming in Green Cognitive Radio Networks
V. SridharanInterference cancellation techniques for low power wireless sensors
Tom VerboonExploring Opportunities for an Evolutionary Integration of Level 3 UAV Situation Awareness Support into ATC/C2 systems
2011 Prasetiyono Hari MuktiA Study On Wavelet Packet Based Algorithm For Representation of Wireless Channel
Rahmat MulyawanSynchronization Methods for Wavelet Packet Multicarrier Modulation
Wahyu Adhi PrasetyoRelay Selection and Resource Allocation in Cooperative Wireless Communication Networks
J. ChenA Study on Frequency Dependency and Spatial Modeling of Wireless Channels
2010 Berna TorunPeak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction Techniques for Wavelet Packet Modulation
G. BerghuisSimulation of a Detect and Sense System
2009 F.W. Van den DungenAn airborne human machine interface for 4D-trajectory based operations - A study of needs for the A30X HMI in the ATM target concept of 2020 described by SESAR
Dony ArianandaOn Wavelet Based Spectrum Estimation for Dynamic Spectrum Access
Aman Miesso BokiyeRay-based Propagation Modeling for OFDM-based Mobile Networks
Iman Ghaseminezhad MarandiInterference Analysis, Measurements and Performance Evaluation of IEEE 802.11n in the presence of other IEEE 802.11b/g/n WLANs
MSP 2011 R. ZhijieThe Stopping Set Property and the Iterative Decoding Performance of Binary Block Codes on BSC and AWGN Channel
S.P. SathyanarayananA Study of Joint Network Coding and Power Control in Energy Harvesting Networks
2009 H. WangNetwork Coded Flooding
SPS 2012 A. RamkumarTransmitter measurements and analysis of frame synchronization of an Impulse Radio Ultra-wideband system
D. Shastry RavishankarBPSK Based Super Regenerative Receiver
2010 A.D. VisserNoise Analysis of an Ultra Wide Band FMCW Ranging Receiver
2009 M.N. KhanAntenna Beamforming for a 60 GHz Transceiver System
A.O. AdejuwonCognitive Radio in a Regulatory Environment

Contact person

For more information about the research group, possible thesis topics, and suggestions for your ISP:

prof.dr. Koen Langendoen

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