CESE4045 High-performance data networking

Topics: advanced networking course: Quality of Service and network resilience

The Internet has become of critical importance to society. However, the large size of networks and abundance of protocols have made network management very complex. The novel concept of network programmability addresses this complexity and has resulted in a paradigm shift in how networks are (or can be) operated. 

The high-performance data networking course is an advanced networking course that will introduce you to the concept of network programmability and which treats fundamental networking concepts like Quality of Service and network resilience.

Study Goals

The learning objectives of this course are twofold: (1) The student should gain knowledge of the treated networking technologies. (2) The student should be able to apply and work with the programmable network technologies in a network emulator (Mininet).


dr.ir. Fernando Kuipers (NAS)

Network algorithms: routing, Quality of Service, network survivability, optical networks, content distribution

Last modified: 2023-11-03


Credits: 5 EC
Period: 0/4/0/0
Contact: Fernando Kuipers