CESE4065 Advanced Practical IoT and seminar

This course is an involved hands on course for self motivated students. Students work in a group of two (max 3) usually. Students are expected to have sufficient programming and hardware development skills. The course is project oriented thus students are expected to deliver a working model with demonstrations. Preference will be given to Q5 students. Q1 students are discouraged unless otherwise explicitly allowed.

The course will be composed of a series of seminars related to the broad topic of the Internet of Things. Students will present their results on investigations regarding the possible extension of the ideas presented in the assigned papers.

Study Goals

To be able to design components of Internet of Things and showcase an application or product through an implementation of a project. Specifically, to be able to bring entrepreneurial aspect of the project and also to be able to evaluate the project in depth.
To be able to criticize and assess system-level components of the Internet of Things environment discussed in the scientific literature.


Venkatesha Prasad

Last modified: 2023-11-03


Credits: 5 EC
Period: 2/0/0/0
Contact: Venkatesha Prasad