Specialization profile--Network architectures and services

By specializing into the Network Architectures and Services profile, you focus your future education and research on the broad area of complex networks. These days, complex networks are omnipresent society, and range from man-made infrastructures such as digital communications and energy networks, to biological, brain, social, and economic networks. 

By choosing this profile you create for yourself the opportunity to:

  • Build theoretical skills in the field of Network Science that help you model, analyse, and optimize complex networks through topological, spectral and functional studies, as well as stochastic models; and
  • Build engineering skills pertinent to the Digital Communications industry that help you plan and design robust network architectures and state-of-the-art communication protocols, as well as manage strategic challenges for network operators; and
  • Conduct an internship or final thesis at one of our industrial or research partners.

The list of courses for this profile contains both compulory and suggested courses. Compulsory courses are listed below.

Suggested courses

CESE4045High-performance data networking5 EC details
CESE4050Measuring and simulating the internet5 EC details
CS4195Modeling and data analysis in complex networks5 EC details
EE4396Mobile networks5 EC details
EE4530Applied convex optimization5 EC details
EE4630Telecommunication network architectures3 EC details
EE4740Data compression: Entropy and sparsity perspectives5 EC details
EE4C06Networking5 EC details
EE4C12Machine learning for Electrical Engineering5 EC details
ET4034Telecom architectures and business models4 EC details
IN4341Performance analysis of communication networks and systems5 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
SPSDetecting anomaly patterns in networks
Data reconstruction on networks

Thesis examples

2011 A. ZhaoReliable In-Vehicle FlexRay Network Scheduler Design
2010 A. KrishnakumarModelling the Dynamic Nature of Networks, Enabling Smart Living
NAS 2015 I.P. StankusAssessment of Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Realistic Mobile Networks
A.A. Mendoza MartinezVirtual Sectorization in Future Mobile Networks: System-Level Assessment and Optimization in a Realistic LTE Network
C. ChenEpidemic Mitigation via Awareness Propagation in Multi-layer Network
A.K. DziwornuTowards Real-Time Power Restoration Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm
M.P.V. ManthenaNetwork-as-a-Service Architecture with SDN and NFV: A Proposed Evolutionary Approach for Service Provider Networks
2014 S. Knappstein-HamelinkNetwork Discovery in a Recursive Internet Network Architecture
2013 V.N. GourovNetwork Monitoring with Software Defined Networking: Towards OpenFlow network monitoring
2012 N.L.M. Van AdrichemTowards a global implementation of Named Data Networking
B. W. AbegazControl Architecture and Utility Maximization for a Smart Grid based Energy Community
S. MathewLTE Performance Measurement In Trial Network & Validation Of LTE Performance Estimation Models
K. CharalampidouEstimating popularity by sentiment and polarization classification on social media
2011 M. NoordermeerImplementing Link-state Update Policies for Quality of Service Routing
B. ShirmohamadiSelf-Optimized Resource Allocation in ICT Systems
A. CaluDragon-Lab, network states detection and identification framework: performance investigation
E.D. AyeleAnalyses and deployement of the BitTorrent protocol for community ad hoc networks
Y. KocQuantitative Modeling of Domain Name System Protocol
2010 R.M.A. ImamdiRobustness Analysis and Capacity Management of the KPN (PS) Mobile Core Network
D. MaheshwariRobust Offshore Networks for Oil and Gas Facilities
2009 J. WuEvolving Properties of Growing Networks
R.A.P. JuffermansDiverse routing in SRLG networks
C. SimmondsTelecom Sector Modelling from a Functional Perspective

Contact person

For more information about the research group, possible thesis topics, and suggestions for your ISP:

prof.dr.ir. Piet Van Mieghem

Network Architectures and Services Group

Department of Intelligent Systems