ET4034 Telecom architectures and business models

Topics: Oversight telecom industry, services, infrastructures and financial aspects of ICT

The ET4034 course Telecom, Architectures and Business Models was designed in 2001, initiated by Prof. Dr. Ir. Nico Baken. The aim of the course is giving students from any faculty of the Delft University of Technology the opportunity to learn about the constituents of the telecom domain, not only the technologies in it, but also the diverse and challenging daily practice of organisations active in the communications sector. The course is provided by a team of 17 lecturers interactively sharing their knowledge about communications infrastructure in the context of overarching societal trends, service & network architecture, long term developments and new technology evolving from standardization initiatives. As a consequence of continuous innovation and societal developments, the course content is being updated each year including the choice of a central theme that enhances and connects the course lectures. In 2020, the themes Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and 5G were highlighted, likely to be updated in 2021.


E.F.M. van Boven Piet Van Mieghem (NAS)

Modelling and analysis of complex networks; new Internet-like architectures and algorithms for future communications networks.

Last modified: 2023-11-03


Credits: 4 EC
Period: 0/0/0/4
Contact: Piet Van Mieghem