MSc thesis guidelines

  • You can do a thesis on a theoretical topic, and it is also possible to graduate on a new design or computer program (tool).
  • The duration of the thesis project depends on the MSc curriculum that you follow: 3 quarters (45 ECTS) for Computer Engineering, Telecom and Embedded Systems, 3 quarters/1 year (45 or 60 ECTS) for MicroElectronics.
  • Your thesis work is graded on the following aspects: (1) quality of the work, (2) quantity, (3) report, (4) oral presentation and defense, (5) engineering attitude. For the highest grades (9 or 10), a clear novel contribution is essential. In that case, it is often possible to prepare a paper for a conference.
  • Your thesis work is a "project", and you are the project leader! This means that you are responsible for its progress, reporting, and regular appointments with your advisors and other experts. At the beginning, you will make together with your advisor a problem definition and work plan, so that you don't get lost.
  • SPS has regular MSc midterm seminars and MSc defenses, and you are advised to attend most of them. Seeing your colleagues present and providing feedback to them will help you with your own presentations.

If you wish to start your thesis at SPS, contact one of the professors to discuss the topic you are interested in in more detail. The general timeline for a 45 EC thesis is:

  • Month 0: update your "Individual Exam Program"; apply for the "Thesis Entrance Permit"
  • Month 1: enroll at SPS using the "SPS Member" form with the secretary, define the thesis topic, start literature search, present a 5-min "starting presentation" in the MSc seminar
  • Month 3: submit the "thesis committee" form to the exam committee
  • Month 4: present a 15-min "midterm presentation" in the MSc seminar
  • Month 7: obtain permission (green light) to defend the thesis, set for a graduation date, submit the "final examination" request form
  • Month 8-9: defend your thesis and receive your MSc diploma!
To avoid (administrative) pitfalls that lead to delays, you need to familiarize yourself with the EEMCS graduation policy and timeline.

You are recommended to write your thesis report in Latex using this Latex template file (Sept/2017).

Further information

Note: Submit the "graduate committee" form at least 3 months before your graduation date, and the "final examination" request form 6 weeks before that date. You need an up-to-date and signed Individual Exam Programme (submitted digitally in mystudyplanning).