MSc thesis examples

2023 Thomas ManteauxPath planning for Lunar rovers An Artificial Potential Field-based algorithm for the path planning of a walking Lunar rover

MSc Wireless Communication and Sensing

Wenxin PanSubgraph Matching via Fused Gromov-Wasserstein Distance
Çağan ÖnenLiDAR and Radar-Based Occupancy Grid Mapping for Autonomous Driving Exploiting Clustered Sparsity
2021 Yanbin HeAdaptive Graph Partition Methods for Structured Graphs
2020 Maosheng YangAdvances in Graph Signal Processing
2019 Vishnu RachuriSpace-Time Codes for Massive MIMO Systems
Kevin van der MarkBlind OFDM Signal Parameter Estimation
Bart de VosGradient Coil Design and Construction for a Halbach Based MRI System
Ming DaiInvestigation on Time-of-Arrival Estimation for the LoRa Network
2018 Feng MaRespiration monitoring based on information fusion from Impedance pneumography and electrocardiography
Lichen YaoBluetooth Direction Finding
Aulia Recky SoepenoPhase Domain Ranging for Narrowband ISM Radio Bands
Dennis van der GeestBlind Signal Identification
2017 Xuyang LiSemi-Controllable Compression Schemes for Ultrasound Imaging
2016 Tariq SaboeraliEnhancement of the Spatial Resolution for the Temperature Sensing System of the 7 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scanner
Yiling ZhangChina Digital Radio (CDR) Receiver Design and Development with FM Interference Cancellation
2015 Hongrun ZhangSensor Selection and Bit Allocation in WSNs with Realistic Digital Communication Channels
Shailja ShuklaGSVD based blind-beamforming technique for suppression of partially overlapping Bluetooth data packets from WiFi signals
Ruijie ZhangCompressive Power Spectrum Estimation: Further study on Non Uniform sampling and Parametric Approach
Shilpa RaoSparse Arrays: Vector Sensors and Design Algorithms
Yun WangSoftware-defined radio receiver design and development for China Digital Radio (CDR)
2014 Samira BahramiNon-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring using the Viterbi Algorithm (NIALM-VA)
Shahrzad NaghibzadehIndoor Granularity Presence Sensing and Control Messaging with an Ultrasonic Circular Array
Joost GeelhoedJoint Angle-Frequency Estimation for Multiple Signals with Circular Arrays
Yongwei WangIndoor Localization based on Room Impulse Response Fingerprinting with little human intervention
Yi LuA "Transmission Time Reservation" method in a Wireless Lighting Control System
Cong NieResearching the BLE based intelligent lighting control system
Keke HuCompressive Sensing for Near-field Source Localization
Ning PanOffline Power Allocation and Spectrum Sensing Strategy in Energy-Harvesting Cognitive Radio Networks
2013 Jason MensinghDevelopment of a Two-Dimensional Resonator Design Tool
Viktor StoevPhotoacoustic Imaging by Means of Sparsity Regularization
Apostolos KontakisSpace-varying FIR filter design for nonuniformly sampled seismic data
Siavash ShakeriUnderwater ultra-wideband fingerprinting-based localization
Jeroen van GemertImaging of Cracks and Weak Spots in Steel and Aluminium Plate Rolls
Lyubomir ZegovWaveform Optimization for Compressive-Sensing Radar Systems
2012 A. RamkumarTransmitter measurements and analysis of frame synchronization of an Impulse Radio Ultra-wideband system
D. Shastry RavishankarBPSK Based Super Regenerative Receiver
Rakshith JagannathGrid Mismatch in Sparse-Signal Recovery of Compressive Sensing
2011 Z. HuangMulti-Carrier Wakeup Radio Receiver
Sundeep ChepuriWideband spectrum sensing techniques for wireless sensors
Millad Mouri SardarabadiComplex Factor Analysis
Stefan KokA multi-lag/multi-scale receiver for underwater acoustic communications
2010 Maxim VolkovRadio frequency detection and mitigation for LOFAR telescope system
A.D. VisserNoise Analysis of an Ultra Wide Band FMCW Ranging Receiver
David CaicedoIllumination control of an LED lighting system based on localized occupancy
Deheng LiuMultiuser Detection for Sensing Asynchronous LED Illumination Contributions
2009 Shahzad GishkoriCompressive Sampling for PPM and FSK Modulated Signals
M.N. KhanAntenna Beamforming for a 60 GHz Transceiver System
Sajit AqeelA noise subspace approach for localization
A.O. AdejuwonCognitive Radio in a Regulatory Environment
Bruhtesfa GodanaHuman movement characterization in indoor environment using GNU radio based radar
Yukang TuWavenumber-frequency spectrum estimation of ambient seismic noise
Zixia HuReceiver Windowing Design for Narrowband Interference Mitigation in MB-OFDM UWB System

MSc Signals and Systems

2024 Florens HelfferichMultiplicative Contrast Source Inversion method in Electrical Properties Tomography (CSI-EPT) based on Jacobi matrix inversion
Junzhe YinPhysics-informed machine learning for nowcasting extreme rainfall
Kunlei YuSparse Non-uniform Optical Phased Array Design
Ankush RoyExtreme Precipitation Nowcasting using Transformer-based Generative Models
Zipeng WangTowards Robust Object Detection in Unseen Catheterization Laboratories
Xi ChenMulti-feature-based Automatic Targetless Camera-LiDAR Extrinsic Calibration
Michael KraaijeveldUsing our tools backwards, AF detection by confusing time and frequency
2023 Georgios HadjigeorgiouEvaluation of Direct FID-Based Dielectric Parameter Retrieval in MRI
Jory EdelmanDeep Learning Enhanced Contrast Source Inversion And Phase Error Based Conductivity Correction For Electrical Properties Tomography
Marien VerseputCompressed Sensing in Low-Field MRI
Yi WeijiaSparse Millimeter Wave Channel Estimation From Partially Coherent Measurements
Ban HanyuanMalleable Kernel Interpolation for Scalable Structured Gaussian Process
Haobo WangADS-B Based Trajectory Prediction for Aerial Vehicles
Chenyang YanCoded Cover for Acoustic Vector Sensors
Chengyan WangInterpretable Parametric Modelling of the Heart based on ECG Signals
Jingwen DunSmall end-to-end OCR model
Lan JiaFriction Identification on the Gantry Stage
Doruk Barokas ProfetaEfficient Content-Based Image Retrieval from Videos Using Compact Deep Learning Networks with Re-ranking
Vishakha MaratheIndoor in-network asset localization using Crownstone network
Xuchang ZhangDirection Finding and Localization with Bluetooth 5.2
Kenneth StunnenbergUsing Tensor Decompositions To Obtain Biomarkers From Auditory Event-Related Potentials
Anjali SuresanLocation Estimation of Atrial Activity from Epicardial Electrogram measurements
Lexi ZhuCoded Excitation for Doppler Ultrasound Imaging of The Brain
Francesca De CarloUltrasound Imaging through Aberrating Layers using a Virtual Array
Shuoyan ZhaoPrediction of Post-induction Hypotension by Machine Learning
Sinian LiDeep learning-empowered Content-based Video Image Retrieval (CBVIR)
Alan HamoMachine learning algorithm to estimate cardiac output based on arterial blood pressure measurements
Tianyi LiFinding Representative Sampling Subsets on Graphs:  leveraging submodularity
Chengen LiuSimplicial Unrolling ElasticNet for Edge Flow Signal Reconstruction
Wenrui YuPrivacy Analysis of Decentralized Federated Learning
Teodor LicuriciEstimating Transmembrane Currents and Local Activation Times from Atrial Epicardial Electrograms
Xuan GaoComparative analysis of clutter filtering techniques on freehand micro-Doppler ultrasound imaging
Bingxiang ZhongRank Detection Based on Generalized Eigenvalue Threshold in Arbitrary Noise
Kaan DemirCoherent integration for imaging and detection using active sonar
Koen RodewijkArray Processing in Atrial Fibrillation: Application of different signal models and LAT estimation techniques
Edoardo FocantePhysics-informed Data Augmentation for Human Radar Signatures
2022 Zhuangzhuang YuMachine Learning of Ultrasound Data: Cardiovascular Parameters Detection Using Carotid Artery Measurements
Siddhy Ganesh ShettyAutonomous Landing of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Xiaoning ShiEnergy-efficient seizure detection for wearable EEG
Chuhan WangA trainable activation scheme for applying Neural Radiance Fields in novel view synthesis tasks
Haoran BiExtreme precipitation nowcasting using deep generative model
Stephy Annie Curie Rakesh ArayaPredicting noise attenuation level in the earplugs using Gaussian Process Regression
Renjie DaiDetecting Medical Equipment in the Catheterization Laboratory using Computer Vision
Enpu ChenReconstruction and Rendering of Buildings as Radiance Fields for View Synthesis
Jinchen ZengAutomatic Camera Extrinsics Estimation in the Catheterization Laboratory
Yitong TaoFrequency Domain Joint Estimation of HRF and Stimulus from fUS Data
William HunterImproving the Estimation of Epicardial Activation Times Using Spatial Information
Xuzhou YangCooperative Localization of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles using ADS-B
Zhiyi WangExtreme-value Neural Networks for Weather Forcasting
Zhonggang LiRobust Formation Control against Observation Losses
Peiyuan ZhaiDistributed Gaussian Process for Multi-agent Systems
Mosab DiabDetect and Avoid for Autonomous Agents in Cluttered Environments
Yanan HuSearch by Image: Deep Learning Based Image Visual Feature Extraction
Qi ZhangRe-ranking for Improved Image Query-Based Search
Nan LinModular Neural Networks for Video Prediction
Yuanyuan YaoImage-Based Query Search Engine via Deep Learning
Rui TangDistributed Particle Filtering
Sebastian JordanDistributed Optimisation Using Stochastic PDMM
Cees KosSensor-to-Cell Height Estimation for Conductivity Estimation in Cardiac Cells
Ruben WijnandsAnalyzing dynamic functional connectivity using state-space models on mice fUS data
Jordi de VriesEstimation of Atrial Fibre Directions Based on Epicardial Electrograms
Mauries van HeterenLink adaptation and equalization for underwater acoustic communication using machine learning
Xiaoyao LuoMultiple Subbands Ranging Signals Design and Investigation on Frequency Dependence of the Subband Channel Impulse Responses within an Ultra-wideband Channel
Tijs MoreeEstimating atrial activity in epicardial electrograms
Ids van der WerfTowards Gridless Sound Field Reconstruction
Mihir KapadiaFew shot emotion recognition using intelligent voice assistants and wearables
Jelmer van der HoevenForecasting Models for Graph Processes
Tobias RoestLoudspeakers as recording devices in public address systems
2021 David KesterA Decentralised Key Management System for the European Railway Signalling System
Arda KayganAnalyzing Functional Ultrasound Images of the Brain Using Tensor Decompositions
Gaia ZinInvestigation of focal epilepsy using graph signal processing
Calum TurnerTowards Sustainable Satellite Swarms
Bichi ZhangTargetless Camera-LiDAR Calibration for Autonomous Systems
Niels de KoeijerSound Zones with a Cost Function based on Human Hearing
Felix AbelTime Synchronization for Anchorless Satellite Networks
Ellen RiemensOn the Integration of Acoustics and LiDAR
Elke SalzmannEnergy-Efficient Particle Filter SLAM for Autonomous Exploration
Sarthak AgarwalQuantifying the dynamic interactions between physiological signals to predict the exposure from chemicals
Karen van der WerffImage Reconstruction for Multicoil Low-field MRI
Yingfeng JiangAutomated Personnel Activities Observation in the Catheterization Laboratory
Preetha VijayanBrain-inspired Compressed-Inference for Event-Driven Neuromorphic Processors
Martijn van der MarelEdge State Kalman Filtering for Distributed Formation Control Systems
Stefanie BrackenhoffSPLITTER: A data model and algorithm for detecting spectral lines and continuum emission of high-redshift galaxies using DESHIMA 2.0
Maarten EnthovenDifferentiating Task-Based Functional Ultrasound Signals via Data-Driven Decompositions
Daniel KappelleGNSS Chirp Interference Estimation and Mitigation
Bas LieskerCorrection of Field Inhomogeneities in Low-Field MRI During Image Reconstruction
Teun de SmalenBoundary Element Method in coil design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Javier Guinea PerezMice tracking using infrared subcutaneous implants for error detection
Ahmet GercekciogluGraph-aware anomalous network agent detection
2020 Bob DullaartModel-based localization using vertical line arrays
Shaoqing ChenDeep Learning-Based Sound Identification
Prernna BhatnagarNumerical Body Model Inference for Individualized RF exposure Prediction in Neuroimaging at 7T MRI
Kriti DhingraAccelerating (Compressed) SENSE Scans in MRI
Yikai ZengDistributed Coordination for Multi-fleet Truck Platooning
Yuchen YinAtrial Fibrillation classification from a short single lead ECG recording
Laurens BuijsClock skew invariant beamforming
Alejandro MonrealUltra fast MRI acquisition at 7 Tesla
Aitor García MansoAutomatic Depth Matching for Petrophysical Borehole Logs
Kaiwen ZhangOptimal Sensor Placement for Calibration-Involved Radio Astronomy Imaging Applications
Maria Macarulla RodriguezLow-field MR Imaging Using a Nonuniform Fast Fourier Transform
Vasudha SathyapriyanBinaural beam-forming with dominant cue preservation for hearing aids
Marnix AbrahamsGraphene squeeze-film microphone
Manojna VedulaMyelin Imaging in Brain using Inhomogeneous Magnetization Transfer(ihMT) at 3T and 7T
Erik HagenaarsSingle-Pixel Thermopile Sensors for people counting
Giovanni BologniRoom geometry estimation from stereo recordings using neural networks
Karishma KumarTwo-Dimensional Blood Flow Estimation in the Brain with Ultrafast Ultrasound
2019 Joris BelierWave Dynamics in Inverse Krylov Subspaces
Lantian KouParticle Filter based Speaker Tracking in Distributed Pairwise Microphone Networks
Bishwadeep DasActive Semi-Supervised Learning For Diffusions on Graphs
Rajesh RajwadeMagnetic Resonance Imaging motion correction in k-space
Bart KöllingAtrial activation time estimation using cross-correlation between higher order neighboring electrodes
Gabriele ZaccaInferring the location of reflecting surfaces from acoustic measurements
Ye CuiIndoor Localization using Narrowband Radios and Switched Antennas in Indoor Environments
Yajie TangBayesian learning applied to radio astronomy image formation
Chenhong JiNonrigid Image Registration using 3D Convolutional Neural Network with Application to Brain MR images
Emmaouil (Manolis) PapadakisFace recognition using traditional machine learning algorithms and deep neural networks with application to face verification
Husain KapadiaA Generative Neural Network Model for Speech Enhancement
Metin CalisPrivacy-preserving consensus averaging
Sherine BrahmaSignal Modelling and Imaging of Low Field MRI
Kostadin BiserkovSpoofing detection in a loosely coupled GNSS and IMU system via Synthetic Arrays
Xin AnTransverse 3D Electrical Properties Tomography
Bram VisserCalibration of a Single element ultrasound transducer using an aberration mask
Pranav PrakashIdentication of Quasi Normal Modes
Yiting LuDevelopment of Data Processing Algorithms for UWB Radar-based Long-Term Health Monitoring
Bastian GenerowiczImproving Ultrafast Doppler Imaging using Subspace Tracking
2018 Yuyang WangAn automated ECG signal quality assessment method with supervised learning algorithm
Konstantios SachosOn speech enhancement in very low SNRs for smart speakers
Mert ErginSnoring Sound Production and Modelling
Rik van der VlistPhase estimation of recurring patterns in nonstationary signals
Raissa LynnRoom Geometry Estimation from Acoustic Echoes
Lars RehbeinModel-Based Iterative Image Reconstruction for Echo-Planar Imaging
Haidong HaoVessel Layer Separation of X-ray Angiographic Images using Deep Learning Methods
Costas KokkeInterferer selection for binaural cue preservation in joint binaural linearly constrained minimum variance beamforming
Lucas MontesinosAudio-visual authentication for mobile devices
Dirk SchutAutomatic Initialization for 3D Ultrasound CT Registration During Liver Tumor Ablations
Guillermo Ortiz JiménezMultidomain Graph Signal Processing
Jinzi QiFrequency Selection for Indoor Ranging Using Compressive Sensing
Niels van WijngaardenInexact distributed optimization schemes
Sofia-Eirini KottiClock-Offset Invariant Beamforming in Wireless Acoustic Sensor Networks
Bart CoonenDirection-of-Arrival Estimation using an Unsynchronized Array of Acoustic Vector Sensors
Derk-Jan HulsingaThe cocktail party problem: GSVD-beamformers for speech in reverberant environments
2017 Ashvant MahabirBlind Graph Topology Change Detection
Christos TzotzadinisPerformance and Complexity of Data Acquisition in Compressive-sensing Radar
Jake JonkmanQuantized Distributed Optimization Schemes; a monotone operator approach
Jiying DaiCSI-EPT: Towards practical implementation
Boliang XuPacket loss concealment for speech transmissions in real-time wireless applications
Wangyang YuIndoor localization with Low Energy Bluetooth
2016 Joost van der KempAccelerating Diffusion-Weighted Chemical Shift Imaging using Compressed Sensing with Parameter Mapping
Iakov ChalegouaInvestigations into Informed Phase Restoration of Amplitude Spectra for Audio Signals
Michiel GerlachDielectric Shimming: Optimization Techniques for Dielectric Pads in MRI
Andrejs FedjajevsUltrasound Imaging Using a Single Element Transducer
Pim van der MeulenRegularized Least Squares Imaging for High Resolution Ultrasound
Patrick FuchsMRI based Electrical Properties Tomography: Electromagnetic inversion
Mario Coutino MinguezIdentification of room boundaries for sound field estimation
Daan SchellekensQuantization effects in PDMM: A first study for synchronous distributed averaging
Nambur Ramamohan KrishnaprasadAcoustic Vector Sensor Based Source Localization
2015 Rodolfo Solera UrcuyoSpeech Based Onset Estimation for Multisensor Localization
Marina NanoAutomated Detection of Central Apnea in Preterm Infants
Vana PanagiotouBlind Segmentation of Time-Series
Ingmar JagerRoom Shape Estimation from Acoustic Echoes using Graph-based Echo Labeling
He Ming ZhangDistributed Convex Optimization: A Study on the Primal-Dual Method of Multipliers
Di FengHeart Rate Variability Analysis Based on Instantaneous Frequency Estimation
2014 Andreas KoutrouvelisSpeech Production Modelling and Analysis
2007 Christian van BijleveldPacket Loss Concealment for Speech Communications

MSc Microelectronics

2024 Bart HettemaCircuits and Systems for a Spiking Neuromorphic Network in 28 nm CMOS
2023 Tianyu DuDigital self-timed neuron design for Spiking Neuron Networks
Jiongyu HuangOn-chip Self Timed SNN Custom Digital Interconnect System
2022 Jinyao ZhangSelf-timed interconnect for SNN - From Point to Point Communication to Multi-array Segmented-bus Solution
Longxing JiangA New Logarithmic Quantization Technique and Corresponding Processing Element Design for CNN Accelerators
Yichen YangOff-chip Self-timed SNN Custom Digital Interconnect System
Yongkang ZhouModeling of router structure for SNN-applicable NoC definitions
2021 Hanyu MaHardware Spiking Neural Network based Sbox AES
Pai LiPhysical Characterization of Asynchronous Logic Library
Fang YangDesigning Asynchronous Gate Library with new System Level Trade-offs
Shreya Sanjeev KshirasagarMapping of Spiking Neural Network Topologies on Neuromorphic Hardware
2019 Joris CoenenA Highly Concurrent, Memory-Efficient AER Architecture for Neuro-Synaptic Spike Routing
2018 Johan MesDesign Space Exploration of a Neuromorphic ECG Classification System using a Spiking Self-Organizing Map
2017 Andrei ArdeleanEnergy-efficient multipath ring network for heterogeneous clustered neuronal arrays
Jelimo MaswanMultiway Component Analysis for the Removal of Far Ventricular Signal in Unipolar Epicardial Electrograms of Patients with Atrial Fibrillation
He ZhangMulti-FPGA Interconnection Simulation
Xuefei YouFull-Custom Multi-Compartment Synaptic Circuits in Neuromorphic Structures
Ester StienstraA 32 x 32 Spiking Neural Network System On Chip
Peter StijnmanTransceive Phase Corrected Contrast Source Inversion-Electrical Properties Tomography
2016 Bahador ValizadehpashaOn-Chip Cryogenic Read-Out of Spin Qubit for Quantum Computers
Rosario IncandelaCryogenic CMOS LNA for RF readout of spin qubits
Preethi PadmanabhanDesign of a Sub-harmonically Injection-Locked TDC Array for Space Applications
Arin ÜlküHigh Resolution, Fully Digital Photon-Counting Image Sensors in DSM CMOS Technologies
Kiki WiriantoMulti-Domain SystemC Model of a Neural Interface
2015 Guozhi XuImplementation of in-situ monitoring techniques for power reduction in smart sensors
Yuteng HaoLow power digital baseband architecture for wireless sensor nodes
Ting GongDevelopment and Characterization of an Endoscopic TOF PET System
Martijn BijwaardScalable Network Based Clock Synchronization for Digital PET System
2014 Dali ZhangLong-range 3D Range Detector Based on Time-correlated Single-photon Counting
Harald HomulleDevelopment of a Multichannel TCSPC System in a Spartan 6 FPGA
Jorn ZimmerlingModeling of wave propagation in open domains: A Krylov subspace approach
Milovan VasicPhysical design of a 3D router: reducing the number of vertical connections and enabling asynchronous operation
2012 Nupur LodhaMonolithic Integration of LEDs and SPADs in Standard CMOS Technology for Optical Joystick Application
J. Rodriguez Rodriguez de GuzmanA general RDE-based simulator for statistical timing analysis
2011 Vashishth ChaudhriFundamentals, Specifications, Architecture and Hardware Towards a Navigation System Based on Radio Pulsars
Priyanka KumarTime-of-Flight 3D Imaging based on a SPAD-TDC Pixel Array in Standard 65 nm CMOS Technology
Guanyu YiHigh-Quality, Real-Time HD Video Stereo Matching on FPGA
Harmen MenningaImplementation, Characterization, and Optimization of an FPGA-based Time-to-Digital Converter
2010 Ashish NigamStandard Cell Behavior Analysis and Waveform Set Model for Statistical Static Timing Analysis
2009 Rahmadi TrimanandaA hierarchically pipelined data acquisition system for single-photon avalanche diode array
Lin Li45nm Extraction and verification flow with SPACE

MSc Computer Engineering

2022 Jinyun LongMapping of Spiking Neural Network Architecture using VPR
2021 Bas van OtterlooSpiking CA-CFAR Implementation for Radar Target Detection
Sybold HijlkemaEfficient implementation of an audio preprocessing algorithm for SNN keyword spotting
Roy ArriënsA Spiking Neural Network classification architecture for spatial-temporal data processing
2020 Martijn van WezelA robust modular spiking neural networks training methodology for time-series datasets
2019 Rahul VyasNeuromorphic Retina Design to encode LIDAR based Scene Dynamics
Joppe LauriksAn Object Detecting Architecture using Spiking Neural Networks
Shashanka Marigi RajanarayanaSASCNN: A Systolic Array Simulator for CNN
Reynaldi Cangga PutraArea Minimization of DTB Multiplexer
2018 Eralp KolagasiogluEnergy Efficient Feature Extraction for Single-Lead ECG Classification Based On Spiking Neural Networks
2017 Haipeng LinDigital Neuron Cells for Highly Parallel Cognitive Systems
Shizhao ZhangSource-Synchronous Interface with All-Digital Data Recovery
Evelyn Rashmi JeyachandraAn Accurate System-Level Device Aging Assessment and Mitigation Simulation Framework
Mohammad AhmadiniaIntegrating a Neuron Network application into ZYBO Zynq-7000 development board with AXI-Bus interface
2016 Christopher McGirrValidation of Performance Estimation, FIFO Sizing and Automatic Loop Transformations of High Level Specifications for Polyhedral Process Network
Ioanna KyriakouDesign and Characterization of the Time Division Multiplexing concept on a dual clock Imaging DSP
Siddharth SinhaSmall-Animal PET Detector Module Based on Multichannel Digital Silicon Photomultipliers
2015 Stefan VisserA 1 GSa/s Deep Cryogenic, Reconfigurable Soft-core FPGA ADC for Quantum Computing Applications
Jeroen SomersHighly Accurate Synchronization Over Ethernet
2014 Dongni FanGuaranteed Quality ECG Signal Compression Algorithm
Jurrien de KlerkCacheBalancer: A communication latency and utilization aware resource manager
Jaco HofmannMulti-chip dataflow architecture for massive scale biophysically accurate neuron simulation
Martijn van EijkModeling of Olivocerebellar Neurons using SystemC and High-Level Synthesis
2013 Anton DelawariTime Synchronization in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sachin ChadhaA Data Acquisition System Design for a 160x128 Single-photon Image Sensor
2012 V. KarunanithiA Framework for Designing and Testing the Digital Signal Processing unit of a Pulsar Based Navigation System
Mitzi Tjin A DjieMEP-MAS: A Message Passing Multiprocessor Array for Streaming Applications
Anupam ChaharCompile time Analysis for Hardware Transactional Memory Architectures
D. BurlyaevSystem-level Fault-Tolerance Analysis of Small Satellite On-Board Computers
Anastasios MichosA Novel Concurrent Validation Scheme for Hardware Transactional Memory
Martin MolenaarA FPGA implementation of a real-time inspection system for steel roll imperfections
2011 Arnica AggarwalTemperature Constrained Power Management Scheme for 3D MPSoC
Chris FeenstraA Memory Access and Operator Usage Profiler Framework for HLS Optimization
Radhika JagtapA Methodology for Early Exploration of TSV Interconnects in 3D Stacked ICs
Kezheng MaA Fast and Accurate SystemC / SystemC-AMS Model for Super-Regenerative Radio
M. VerschoorDesign of a Crypto Core for Securing Intra System-on-Chip Communication
Martha Alvarez GuedeOptimization of the Belief Propagation algorithm for Luby Transform decoding over the Binary Erasure Channel
Xianli RenRTL Implementation of an Optical Flow Algorithm (Lucas) Using the Catapult C High-Level Synthesis tool
2010 Tom van LeeuwenImplementation and automatic generation of asynchronous scheduled data flow graphs
Snehal RautSemi-custom VLSI Design and Realization of DC-DC Converters in UMC90
Pim TamerusAsynchronous Logic as Counter Measure against Power Analysis Attacks
2009 Michael SimmondsDesynchronization Methods for Scheduled Circuits
Tamer KranenburgDesign of a Portable and Customizable Microprocessor for Rapid System Prototyping
Gert-Jan SchoneveldVHDL to SystemC: The Design of a Translator

MSc Biomedical Engineering

2023 Elena van BreukelenEnhancing Fiber Direction Estimation from Electrograms
2022 Corne HaasjesLow Field Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Eye
Ilja VenemaDevelopment and Evaluation of a New CI Pitch Perception Test - the Glide Tone Test
Cesar Eduardo Cornejo RamirezIMU-based adaptive filtering for movement artifact removal from ecg recorded with a single lead wearable device
Janine HendriksLongitudinal multimodal imaging in AD: implications of processing streams
Aggariyo WanagiriCorrection of Magnetic Field Inhomogeneity Effects Using Conjugate Phase Reconstruction
Aleid BekkeringImage Reconstruction for a Handheld Low-Field MRI Scanner via Deep Learning
Pallas KoersTowards Optimization of ECG Noise Suppression in Adaptive Deep Brain Stimulation
Michiel Van HoevenElectrical impedance spectroscopy as a non-invasive method for evaluating perfused ex-vivo porcine kidneys
2021 Arthur KordesAn Expanded IPFM Model for Heart Rhythm Analysis
Leonie PereboomPrediction of Invasive Cervical Spine Surgery Success by a Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm
2019 Mandani (Mado) NtekouliInvestigating brain function and anatomy through ICA-based functional ultrasound imaging
Juriaan Van der GraafMonitoring Electrode Array Tip Fold-over In Cochlear Implantation
Zheheng LiuAn Investigation of the Medical Ultrasound Image Sparse Spaces used for the Model-Based Imaging
2018 Jack TchiminoAnalysis and Detection of Neural Synchrony in the Prefrontal Cortex
Kostas KonsolakisPhysical Activity Recognition using Wearable Accelerometers in Controlled and Free-Living Environments
Makrina SekeriImpedance-Based Bioassay for Characterization of Single Malignant Melanoma Cancer Cells using Cmos-Mea Systems
-0001 Michiel van HoevenElectrical Impedance Spectroscopy as a Non-invasive method for evaluating perfused ex-vivo porcine kidneys


2014 Elvin IsufiNetwork Coding in Underwater Communications
2010 Andre Raposo dos Santos SilvaSingle-carrier block transmission for underwater communications


2015 Francesco GiorgiAccurate propagation delay estimation for a novel thermal sensor

Internship, MSc Signals and Systems

2020 Siyan WanMulti-target Detection and Tracking with 8 GHz FMCW Radar System

MSc Embedded Systems

2024 Wim KokA SystemC SNN model for power trace generation
2023 Jonathan DijkstraSelf-calibrated plant counting in early crop stand scenarios using deep clustering
2022 Pim JansenThe impact of jamming and spoofing on GNSS signals
2021 Jan Maarten BuisNeuromorphic computing application of emerging memory technologies for spiking neural networks
Tanmay ManjunathTemporal Synchronization of Sensors
Zep KleijwegHybrid Posit and Fixed Point Hardware for Quantized DNN Inference
Randy ProzeeSound-recognition using Spiking Neural Networks
Luuk de GelderPopulation Step Forward Encoding Algorithm: Improving the signal encoding accuracy and efficiency of spike encoding algorithms
2020 Sonnya DellarosaA-mode Breast Imaging
2019 Davide SpessotDesign Space Exploration of a Spiking LSM Classifier for RADAR applications
Ninad JoshiN-shot Training Methodology For Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs)
Ramkoemar BhoeraA Real-time Low Latency Signal Concentrator for Ship Tracking using AIS
2017 Ayush JoshiEmbedded Real Time Partial Discharge Pulse Feature Extraction

MSc Technical Medicine

2021 Jeroen RoestEvaluating morphological patterns in atrial epicardial potentials
Eris van TwistThe area of a unipolar electrogram to identify the arrhythmogenic substrate

MSc Systems and Control

2022 Pierre-Antoine DenariéTensor decomposition for Independent Component Analysis

MSc Nanobiology

Celine SchausPreconditioning of MR image reconstruction using AI