Unbiased MMSE-based Noise Power Estimator

Topic: Parameter estimation for speech enhancement applications

Related publications

  1. Unbiased MMSE-Based Noise Power Estimation with Low Complexity and Low Tracking Delay
    Timo Gerkmann; Richard C. Hendriks;
    IEEE Trans. Audio, Speech Language Proc.,
    Volume 20, pp. 1383-1393, 2012.

  2. Noise Power Estimation Based on the Probability of Speech Presence
    Timo Gerkmann; Richard C. Hendriks;
    In IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics,
    New Paltz, pp. 145-148, October 2011.

Repository data

File: noisepowproposed.m
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Modified: 18 August 2017
Type: software
Authors: Timo Gerkmann, Richard Hendriks
Date: October 2011
Contact: Richard Hendriks