Algorithm for Noise reduction for speech enhancement

Topic: Speech enhancement and noise PSD estimation

This is an implementation of alg. 3 described in the book "DFT-based single channel noise reduction for speech enhancement".

In the book, we demonstrate the significant advances that have been made during the last decade in the field of discrete Fourier transform domain-based single-channel noise reduction for speech enhancement. Furthermore, our goal is to provide a concise description of a state-of-the-art speech enhancement system, and demonstrate the relative importance of the various building blocks of such a system.

Related publications

  1. DFT-Domain Based Single-Microphone Noise Reduction for Speech Enhancement-A Survey of the State of the Art
    Richard C. Hendriks; Timo Gerkmann; Jesper Jensen;
    Morgan and Claypool Publishers, Volume 9 in Synthesis Lectures on Speech and Audio Processing, pp. 1-80, January 2013. DOI: 10.2200/S00473ED1V01Y201301SAP011

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Authors: Richard Hendriks, Timo Gerkmann, Jesper Jensen
Date: January 2013
Contact: Richard Hendriks