Specialization profile--Microsystems and technology

This profile is directed to the design and development of innovative devices and microsystems for various applications. It comprises technology development, hybrid device integration and application specific packaging.

Responsible professors
• Prof. Lina Sarro
• Prof. Paddy French

Compulsory courses
EE4610 Digital IC Design I 
ET4289 Integrated Circuits and MEMS Technology
ET4257 Sensors and Actuators

Suggested courses

EE4520Analog CMOS design I3 EC details
EE4555Active implantable biomedical microsystems5 EC details
EE4585Semiconductor device physics5 EC details
EE4610Digital IC design3 EC details
EE4C08Measurement and instrumentation5 EC details
ET4127Themes in biomedical electronics4 EC details
ET4257Sensors and actuators4 EC details
ET4260Microsystem integration4 EC details
ET4277Microelectronics reliability4 EC details
ET4289Integrated circuits and MEMS technology4 EC details
ET4391Advanced microelectronics packaging3 EC details
ET4icpIC technology lab2 EC details

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
BE[2024] 3D Printed Bioelectronics for Regenerative Medicine
[2024] Wireless Stimulation of the Brain with Light
[2024] Transparent Microelectrode Arrays for Neuron Recordings and Stimulation
[2024] Organic Electrochemical Transistors for Wound Healing
[2024] Conformable Microelectrode Arrays for Electrical Mapping of the Heart
[2024] Smart transparent electrode array for electroceuticals
[2022] Ultra-Flexible Active-Matrix Electrophysiology Arrays for Neural Interfacing
[2024] Active neural interfaces for Bioelectronic Medicine (MSc project at Fraunhofer)
CMOS-based Hall sensor without offset
Medical applications for custom-fit wireless headsets
Ex-Situ Heart Perfusion (ESHP) sensor
Capacitive CMOS platform to monitor multispectral optical signals
ECTMPower module heat sink optimisation
Optimising RF spectroscopy for multi-layer spectrum extraction in organ-on-chip applications
Multi-sensor integration for broadband dielectric spectroscopy of Organ-on-Chip devices
A More Integrated Fabrication Flow for a Bio-inspired Hair-like Airflow Sensor on a Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
Fabricating high-resolution flip-chip interconnects by step & stenc
High-throughput assembly of mini/microLED display panels
Machine Learning-Based Analysis of Dynamic On-Resistance of GaN Power Semiconductors
Structural Design and Fabrication of Stretchable Mini-LED Array
Next-Generation Accelerated Reliability Test Method
Advanced nanosilver sintering technology for electric vehicle's power module
Reliability tests and Failure mechanisms of SiC power devices
In situ sintering kinetics of nano/micro-scale particles
From Microstructure Image to Property: establish the process-structure-property relationship for a new interconnect material
Smart power package
Control electronics for soft actuator to stimulate cardiac cells in-vitro
Wafer-level fabrication of transparent 3D microelectrode arrays
Perovskite-based MultiLED through band-gap modulation
EIMagneto-mechanical micro-antenna for implantable devices
Conformable CMOS-based implantable array for Brain-Computer Interfaces
Electro-optical device for ultra-low power communication
[2023] 3D Integration and Packaging Schemes for Smart Ultrasound Devices
[2023] Shape Sensing for Flexible Ultrasound Transducer Arrays
[2024-25] Strained Hall Effect for Harsh Environment Sensing
[2024-25] Strained Hall effect for high-performance magnetometry
[2024-25] High speed UV photodetectors for EUV lithography
[2024-25] Circuit readout of 3D Hall device
[2024-25] 3D Hall effect magnetometer using a positive pyramid structure

Thesis examples

BE 2021 Jasper RietveldPASiC Ammonia Sensor Design: On Modelling the PASiC Layer, Electrode Designs and Device Fabrication
2020 Tim HosmanHigh-density interconnect technology optimised for flexible implants
2019 Gandhika WardhanaA Flexible Transparent Graphene Electrode Array for Spinal Cord Stimulation in Rats
2013 Eric MuijsA CMOS Temperature Compensated Log-Amp Detector
ECTM 2020 Yaqian ZhangExperimental study on electromigration by using Blech structure
Tim de RijkA 3D microelectrode array to record neural activity at different tissue depths
2017 Dong Bin CaiFabrication and characterization of High aspect ratio MEMS Electrochemical Sensor
2016 Sri Harsha AchantaWafer Level Packaging With Nano Metal Paste Interconnects For UV-C LEDs
Brahim El MansouriA Miniaturized Temperature Controlled Capacitive MEMS Transducer for MOF based Gas Sensing Applications
Ifigeneia ZachariouImplementation of a passive millimeter wave identification antenna on Kapton film for human presence detection
2015 Ramin BarakAddressing large-scale qubit arrays for quantum computer
Sotiris ThomasAn Evaluation of Silicon Carbide Based Bimorph Actuators for Optical Coherence Tomography Applications
Yingjie ShenFlexible Interposer Based on Carbon Nanotubes and PDMS Composite
Jian LiWafer Scale Flexible Interconnect Fabrication for Heterogeneous Integration
Hengqian YiThermally Driven Sound Source: Application of CNT nanofoams
Yiwen ChenT12 Electromagnetic Ballast Modeling And Retrofit LED Tube Driver Design
Nikolas GaioFabrication and Characterization of an Upside-down CNT MEA
2014 Yorick CariseyLow temperature fine pitch vertical wafer level interconnection using copper nanoparticles
Teng MaMonolithic integration of light sensor readout system for multi-functional LED wafer-level packaging based on BICMOS process
Manjunath Venkatesh RamachandrappaMonolithic Integration of Rectifiers and Drivers for low power SSL applications on a Rigid to Flex Substrate
Xingyu LiuPrinted graphene and silicon
Yi LiuNano Optomechanical Read-out for Microcantilever Sensors
Lalit KumarOpto-electronic MEMS oscillator for resonant pressure sensing
Yelena GrachovaCVD of Single Layer Graphene at Wafer Scale: Study of Different Catalytic Materials
Sourish BanerjeeSuper-growth of CNTs based on ZrN for TSV application
2013 R. SokolovskijFoldable 3D Wafer Level SSL Package Using Flexible Interconnect
A. DamianLow Temperature Wafer Bonding Based on Copper Nanoparticle Sintering for 3D Interconnect Fabrication
Walter VerloopResonant Air Quality Sensor
Alice XuLow Temperature Fabrication of SiO2 Films Using Liquid Silicon
Dhariyash RathodVerification of the non-local avalanche current model in mextram for advanced SiGe HBTs
2012 Raj VadirajHigh Frequency readout scheme for Graphene based NEMS
Miki TrifunovicSingle-Grain Silicon TFTs on a Plastic Substrate by Doctor Blade Coating of Cyclopentasilane
Ankur SharmaFlexible Smart Display with Integrated Graphics Rasterizor using Single Grain TFTs
2011 Sheng Jie LiMicro-Fluidic MEMS for Micro-Particle Filtration
B.S. HauDesign & Modeling of a MEMS Contact-mode Piezoresistive Detector for Pull-in Acceleration Sensing
Amir NaeimiOLED Display with Single Grain Si TFT. (SG-TFT)
2010 Gokulray ChandramohanElectrical characterization of MEMS microphones
Jie ShenNovel Application of Imprinting Lithography for Multi-bit Ferroelectric Memories
Yunlong HouAluminum Nitride and Chromium Nitride Thin Films for Strain Gauge Application
J. YangReliability study of the Floating Gate Based Embedded Non_Volatile Memory (eNVM)
J. ZhangDesign and Fabrication of On-Chip Cooling Devices Based on the Peltier Effect
M. CanEdgeless Silicon Sensors
2009 D. Oludare OyediranGrowth of Thin Film Microcrystalline Silicon Solar Cells
S. VollebregtCarbon nanotubes as vertical interconnects in 3D integrated circuits
J. HaoSilicon MEMS Micro-Evaporator
Theo VerhaarPattern transfer on vertical cavity sidewalls using SU8
2008 Ruoxuan LiTapered through silicon via etching and filling for 3D integration
EI 2022 Aravind BuduguppaA compact temperature switch for automotive applications
2020 Dennis KaandorpFully Integrated CMOS Noise Thermometer
2019 Daguang LiuElectrothermal Filters for No-Trim Temperature Sensors
Miao ZhangUltra-Low Idle Power Class-D Amplifier
Vincent van HoekAn Ultra-Low Power Temperature to Digital Converter
2018 Yaonian CuiDesign and Fabrication of on-chip Midinfrared Emitter and LVOF
Dezhi LinAn atto-Farad resolution closed loop impedance measurement bridge for capacitive sensors
Arjan van der KruijtA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor
Jiahan LuAn Electrowetting Valve with Air Channel
Ioannis AnastasopoulosMiniaturized conductivity measurement system
Fjola SnaevarsdottirCMOS Image Sensor Design Methodology Applied to Optical Tomography and Neural Networks
2017 Yang LiuA Capacitive Pressure Sensor Interface
Bo JiangMicrostructure for thermal impedance spectroscopy for biofuel composition measurement
Hao FanA High-Resolution Capacitance-to-Digital Converter based on Iterative Discharging
Samira AmaniA 15-bit ΔΣ Capacitance-to-Digital Converter For Position Sensing with Electrically Floating Targets
Yixuan YanVoltage Calibration of BJT Based Temperature Sensor
Wei WuMulti-sensor Read-out Circuit with Temperature, Capacitance and Voltage Sensing Functionalities
2016 Mingliang TanA Front-end ASIC with High-Voltage Transmit Switching and Receive Digitization for Forward-Looking Intra-Vascular Ultrasound
Thije RooijersA Sampled Voltage Reference
Jeroen van DijkAn On-Chip Noise Thermometer
2015 Jan AngevareA Highly-Scalable Thermal-Diffusivity-Based Temperature Sensor
Rishi BacchuArea-Efficient Readout IC with High Panel Noise Rejection for Capacitive Touchscreens
Owoyinka KoleosoA CMOS Bandgap Temperature Sensor for Cryogenic Applications
Weihan HuA 9-bit 33MHz Hybrid SAR Single-slope ADC
Nikola Radeljic-JakicIntegrated Readout Circuit for Cross-Correlation Based Ultrasonic Ranging
Revanth BellamkondaCombined Capacitance and Temperature to Digital Converter
Wouter BrevetA Low-Power CMOS Wind Sensor with Corner Heaters
Yanquan LuoA High-Resolution, Resistor-Based Temperature Sensor
Anuparma KulkarniLow Drift, Wireless Temperature Sensor for Harsh Industrial Applications
Manuel Accel Abarca ProuzaHigh Precision Flow Compensated Thermal Conductivity Detector for Gas Sensing with Read-out Circuit
R. ZhangA 1-Mega Pixels HDR and UV Sensitive Image Sensor With Interleaved 14-bit 64Ms/s SAR ADC
Jules MarkenhofIntegrating a Temperature Sensor into a CMOS Image Sensor
Giorgos KarykisA high-resolution self-timed zero-crossing-based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
Qilong LiuA mixed-signal multiplexing system for cable-count reduction in ultrasound probes
2014 A. SelvanSimulation of optic flow based flight control for a flapping wing micro aerial vehicle
J. ZhuThe Design of a Stitched, High-dynamic Range CMOS Particle Sensor
2013 Lokesh RajendranDesign of an Energy-Efficient Interface Circuit for a MEMS-based Capacitive Pressure Sensor
Nandish MehtaSampling time error calibration in Time-interleaved ADCs
Yuxin YanAn Energy-Efficient Reconfigurable Interface for Resonant Sensors Based On Ring-Down Measurement
Qiang YaoThe design of a 16*16 pixels CMOS image sensor with 0.5 e- RMS noise
Joost van DrielCharacterization of metals for Cochlear Implants
Anirban SahaDesign of Front-End Receiver Electronics for 3D Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography
2012 Chao ChenEnergy-Efficient Self-Timed Zero-Crossing-Based Incremental Delta-Sigma ADC
Umanath KamathDesign of high-resolution photodiode readout circuitry for a bio-implantable continuous glucose sensing chip
Shishir GoyalFrequency References Based on the Thermal Diffusivity of Silicon and Silicon Dioxide
Yao ChengEnergy-Efficient Capacitive-Sensor Interface Based on A Multi-Slope ADC
Xiaoliang GeThe design of a global shutter CMOS image sensor in 110nm technology
Yang LiuThe Desigh of a High Dynamic Range CMOS Image Sensor in 110nm Technology
Bharani ChavaA Low-Input Current Chopper Amplifier
Ravi BagreeCharacterization and Design of a Readout Circuit for a Piezoelectric-based Acoustic Disdrometer
Ali FekriA ratio metric analog-to-digital converter for eddy current displacement sensors
2011 Fan GuoEnergy-efficient capacitive-sensor interface based on an incremental Delta-Sigma modulator employing current-starved inverter-based OTAs
Zeng ZengEnergy-efficient readout of resonant sensors
Junfeng JiangDesign of a Wide-Bandwidth Magnetic Field Sensor
Sebastian VoorderhakeMicro spectrometer for the measurement of the composition of new gas
Jia GuoDLL Based Single Slope ADC For CMOS Image Sensor Column Readout
Folkert Roscam AbbingLight-Emitting Diode Junction-Temperature Sensing using Various Voltage/Current Measurement Techniques
Kar Fee TangEarly detection of anastomotic leakage using oxygen and carbon dioxide sensor
2010 N. SarhangnejadHigh-precision Sigma-Delta Modulator with improved linearity
Onur KayaA Precision RC-locked Oscillator
S. ChenSurface-Micromachined Thermal Conductivity Gas Sensors For Hydrogen Detection
Saket SakuniaPing-Pong-Pang Instrumentation Amplifier
C. MaPixel ADC Design for Hybrid CMOS Image Sensors
M. GeljonExcitation and readout of a thermally driven time-domain optical coherence tomography system
Y. JiajianTime-Gain-Compensation Amplifier for Ultrasonic Echo Signal Processing
C. LiuA Double-mode Linear Imaging System for IC-compatible Microspectrometers in Visible Light
2009 A. ChengDesign of a Readout Scheme for a MEMS Microphone
A.D.H. TierolfMicrochip electrophoresis for UVC-induced DNA damage assessment
Xiaodong GuoInvestigation on Capacitive Sensor Interface with Improved Immunity to External Interference
Y. XuCharge Domain Interlacing CMOS Image Sensor Design
P.J. NganaDesign, Modeling and Simulation of a 52MHz MEMS Gyroscope Device in 1.5um SOI
SPS 2021 Pai LiPhysical Characterization of Asynchronous Logic Library
2018 Johan MesDesign Space Exploration of a Neuromorphic ECG Classification System using a Spiking Self-Organizing Map

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prof.dr. Lina Sarro

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