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Invited keynote speakers

  • Kees Schouhamer Immink (Turing Machine Inc., recipient of the 2017 IEEE medal of Honor!) Progress in Constrained Codes.
    Constrained, or line, coding is a somewhat nebulous term which we may define by either inclusion or exclusion (Cattermole). A constrained code converts to a signal format which facilitates detection in the presence of channel impairments. It further caters for receiver timing on bit, codeword, and frame level. The speaker will present a survey of constrained codes that have found application in mass storage devices. Specifically, he will discuss spectral shaping, run-length limited, two-dimensional, and Pearson codes.
  • Lieven Vandenberghe (UCLA), Semidefinite programming methods for continuous sparse optimization.
    Recent applications of convex optimization in signal processing extend  1-norm techniques for sparse vector optimization to continuous sparse  optimization problems, in which signals are decomposed as sums of a  few elements from an infinite dictionary. Methods of this type have been proposed for superresolution, gridless  compressed sensing, and line spectrum and direction of arrival estimation. The subject of the talk will be the semidefinite optimization problems  encountered in these applications. Simple, constructive derivations will be presented for the semidefinite  representations of the underlying penalty functions. Convex geometry and duality play a central role, and connections with  classical results in system theory, such as the Kalman-Yakubovich-Popov  lemma, lead to several useful extensions. We will also comment on algorithms for solving the challenging semidefinite  optimization problems that arise in signal processing applications of continuous sparse optimization.

List of Accepted Papers

(in alphabetical order, according to first author)

“Rate-Constrained Beamforming in Binaural Hearing Aids”,
J. Amini, R. Hendriks, R. Heusdens, M. Guo, J. Jensen

“Ternary Manchester: A Modulation Code for Low-Rate Visible Light Communications”,
S. Baggen, D. Sekulovski, M. Perz

“Windowed Factorization and Merging”,
B. van den Berg, I. Wanders

“Automatic Tuning of a Ring Resonator-Based Optical Delay Line for Optical Beamforming”,
L. Bliek, H. Verstraet, S. Wahls, R. Timens, R. Oldenbeuving, C. Roeloffzen, M. Verhaegen

“Transaction Amount as a Predictor of Fraud”,
N. Bouman

“Efficient Key Generation Scheme for SRAM-PUFs using Polar Codes”,
B. Chen, T. Ignatenko, F. Willems

“Near-Optimal Greedy Sensor Selection for MVDR Beamforming with Modular Budget Constraint”,
M. Coutino, S. Chepuri, G. Leus

“Directivity assesment of MEMS microphones and array”,
B. Cox, B. Thoen, V. Rijmen, L. Van der Perre, L. De Strycker

“More Constructions for Strong 8-bit S-boxes with Efficient Masking in Hardware”,
L. De Meyer

“An Automated Tool for Rotational Cryptanalysis in the Presence of Constants of ARX-based Primitives”,
G. De Witte, T. Ashur, Y. Liu

“A Game Theoretic Approach to Spectrum Pricing in Two-Tier HetNets with Incomplete Information”,
A. Guevara, S. Pollin, A. Chiumento

“Massive MIMO Systems Can Deliver Great Performance with Coarsely Quantized Signals”,
S. Gunnarsson, M. Bortas, Y. Huang, C. Chen, L. Van der Perre, O. Edfors

“Towards understanding behavioural biometric recognition performance over time and practice”,
E. Haasnoot, J. Barnhoorn, L. Spreeuwers, R. Veldhuis, W. Verwey

“Privacy concerns and protection measures in online behavioural advertising”,
L. Helsloot, G. Tillem, Z. Erkin

“Deep Verification Learning”,
F. Hillerström, R. Veldhuis, L. Spreeuwers

“Adaptive quantization for speech enhancement in wireless acoustic sensor networks”,
F. de la Hucha Arce, M. Moonen, M. Verhelst, A. Bertrand

“Quantisation of multilevel signals for Viterbi decoders on AWGN and fading channels”,
A. Koppelaar

“Binaural beamforming without estimating relative acoustic transfer functions”,
A. Koutrouvelis, R. Hendriks, R. Heusdens, J. Jensen, M. Guo

“Low Complexity Symbol-Level Design for Linear Precoding Systems”,
J. Krivochiza, A. Kalantari, S. Chatzinotas, B. Ottersten

“Behavior of temperature dependent SRAM-PUF, and consequences for secret-key capacity”,
L. Kusters, T. Ignatenko, F. Willems

“The impact of tumor delineation on response after Gamma Knife radiosurgery of vestibular schwannoma”,
P. Langenhuizen, Y. Zeng, S. Zinger, J. Verheul, S. Leenstra, P. de With

“Privacy-Preserving Collection and Retrieval of Medical Wearables Data”,
C. Maulany, M. Nateghizad, Z. Erkin

“An Autonomous Decision Making Flooding Contention Scheme Based on Spatial Correlation”,
Y. Murillo, F. Rosas, S. Pollin

“Fast radioastronomical image reconstruction using prior conditioning”,
S. Naghibzadeh, A. van der Veen

“Improving EEG signal quality through spatial filtering of combined data from multiple miniature EEG devices”,
A.M. Narayanan, A. Bertrand

“Privacy-Preserving Equality Test”,
M. Natheghizad, Z. Erkin, R. Lagendijk

“Caching of Bivariate Gaussians with Non-Uniform Preference Probabilities”,
G. Op ’t Veld, M. Gastpar

“Complex Factor Analysis and Extensions”,
A. Sardarabadi, A. van der Veen

“Bootstrapping CNNs for Building Segmentation in Aerial Imagery with Depth”,
C. Sebastian, B. Boom, T. van Lankveld, P. de With

“On the Relationship Between PDMM and a Distributed ADMM Variant”,
T. Sherson, R. Heusdens, W. Kleijn

“Identification of Large-Scale Vector-AutoRegressive models with Kronecker modelling”,
B. Sinquin, M. Verhaegen

“Security analysis of RRDPS Quantum Key Distribution”,
B. Skoric

“Quantum Key Recycling without quantum computers”,
B. Skoric, M. de Vries

“Alternative Spectral Minutiae Representations For Fingerprint Verification”,
T. Stanko, B. Skoric

“Causal and Zero-delay Rate Distortion Function for Scalar AR(2) Gaussian Sources”,
P. Stavrou, J. Ostergaard

“Information Reception in Dense Cellular Networks of Joint Illumination and VLC Sources”,
A. Tsiatmas, F. Willems, C. Baggen

“Binary puzzle as a SAT problem”,
P. Utomo, R. Pellikaan

“Dimming Robustness of SEPM for VLC: Assessment and Experimental Validation”,
K. Verniers, J. Beysens, L. Van Der Perre, S. Pollin, N. Stevens

“Enhancing privacy in Smart Homes”,
R. Vrooman, C. Ugwuoke, R. Verbij, Z. Erkin

“Gaussian Process Optimization of an expensive function with stochastic binary observations using expected entropy”
X. Wang, T. Tjalkens, J. Linnartz

“Spatial filtering-based template matching for efficient and accurate spike sorting with high- density neuroprobes”,
J. Wouters, F. Kloosterman, A. Bertrand

“Instrumental-Variable Nuclear-Norm Subspace Identification (IV-N2SID) for Networked Systems,”
C. Yu, M. Verhaegen

“Microphone Subset Selection for Spatial Filtering Based Noise Reduction with Multiple Target Sources”,
J. Zhang, R. Hendriks, R. Heusdens