Good Vibrations - Fast and Robust Wave Field Computations in Complex Structures Using Krylov Resonance Expansions (goodvibrations)

Themes: Biomedical signal processing/wavefield imaging

Using Krylov subspace reduction techniques to solve wave field problems in complex media (resonanting nano-scale devices and seismic exploration)
In this project we utilize the power of so-called Krylov subspace reduction techniques and develop two solution methodologies for wave field problems in complex media. In the first part, we address so-called forward problems and focus on electromagnetic wave fields in structures exhibiting resonant field behavior as encountered in many nano-optical devices. In the second part, the inverse problem is considered and we present a new solution technique in which the optimality of Krylov reduction is exploited to efficiently retrieve the medium parameters and/or shape of some object or area of interest. Forward and inverse wave field demonstrators will be developed that illustrate the impact of both approaches on the design and verification of resonanting nano-scale devices and data interpretation and analysis in seismic exploration.

Project data

Researchers: Rob Remis, Jörn Zimmerling
Starting date: September 2015
Closing date: September 2019
Funding: 221 kE; related to group 221 kE
Sponsor: STW
Users: Schlumberger-Doll, Shell, ASML
Contact: Rob Remis

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