Heterogeneous Inception (H-INCEPTION)

Themes: Electronic systems and VLSI design

Developing and deploying a unified design methodology and tools for system-level design and verification of heterogeneous systems
New types of emerging applications require microelectronics which closely interact with the surrounding environment in different physical domains (optical, mechanical, acoustical, biological, etc.). The main challenge is to correctly specify, dimension and verify these multi-domain microelectronics assisted systems, to avoid unnecessary errors and redesigns which hamper product quality and thus time to market. Heterogeneous INCEPTION (H-INCEPTION) aims at developing and deploying a novel unified design methodology and tools to address the system-level design and verification need for these systems. This will be deployed inside the European Industry with an ecosystem, delivering all design technology ingredients, from design and verification methodology to the essential modeling languages and simulation engines. H-INCEPTION will enable the industrial partners to create multi-domain virtual prototypes by introducing abstract modeling techniques and fast system simulation concepts. A rich consortium from 5 countries composed of semiconductor and fabless companies, equipment suppliers, EDA vendors, research institutes and universities cover different fields and applications domains such as automotive, wireless, avionics and biomedical will all contribute to the creation and validation of this unified design methodology and ecosystem.

The focus of research at TU Delft (in co-operation with Rotterdam Erasmus University Medical Center) will be on the biological-electrical domain. In this context, the design and modeling capabilities of heterogeneous biological-electrical domain simulation models will be improved and exploration of signal processing algorithms that have the potential to fulfill the requirements of the medical sensor nodes will be performed.

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Project data

Researchers: René van Leuken, Amir Zjajo, Carlo Galuzzi, Alexander de Graaf
Starting date: January 2014
Closing date: December 2015
Sponsor: CATRENE
Partners: Dizain-Sync, WMC, IMEC-NL, Reden, OCE
Contact: René van Leuken

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