GreenEdge (greenedge)

Themes: Distributed autonomous sensing systems

Physics inspired inference, classification and prediction in networked systems

GreenEdge will develop an edge-based architecture that will be able to handle autonomous robot operation in greenhouses and forests. Its architecture will incorporate both local and global edges that will be connected using the developed communication interfaces. The local edge will run on the robot locally and will enable the safe navigation and operations, while the global edge will be used for offloading heavy computational tasks like ripenes assessment, species health analysis, 3D area reconstruction and will also perform robots’ orchestration. The vision is that the proposed edge computing architecture will become a scalable, environmentally friendly and profitable solution for sustainable forests development.


Project data

Researchers: Raj Thilak Rajan
Starting date: May 2024
Closing date: March 2027
Funding: 3974 kE; related to group 383 kE
Contact: Raj Thilak Rajan

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