NewControl (NewControl)

Themes: Electronic systems and VLSI design

Virtual platforms for perception and control in highly automated vehicles, based on safety by design
NewControl will develop fail-operational virtual platforms to realize efficient, robust, and cost-effective perception and control in highly automated vehicles. The overarching goal of this project is to provide an industrially calibrated trajectory towards increased user-acceptance of automated control functions, through an approach that is centred on the premise of safety by design.

NewControl will deliver:

  1. Fail-operational platform for robust holistic perception through a combination of Lidar, Radar, and sensor fusion
  2. Generalized virtual platform for stable and efficient control of propulsion systems
  3. Cost- and power-efficient, high-performance embedded compute-platforms for in-vehicle perception, cognition, and control
  4. Robust approaches for implementing, verifying, and certifying automated control for safety-critical applications
The developments in NewControl will facilitate significant cost reductions for essential perception, cognition, and control modules necessary for future automated vehicles. Concomitantly, these developments will improve the safety and reliability of automated systems to levels necessary for mass-market deployment. These innovations will leverage the expertise and contributions of 26 industry and research partners along the complete semiconductor, automotive, and aviation value chains, providing Europe with a competitive edge in a growing market for automated vehicles. Importantly, NewControl's innovations will improve the market penetration of safety-centric automation systems, contributing directly to the European goal of zero road fatalities by 2050.

Project data

Researchers: René van Leuken, Ercan Kalali
Starting date: May 2019
Closing date: April 2022
Sponsor: EU ECSEL JU
Contact: René van Leuken