dr. G. Garcea

PhD student
Signal Processing Systems (SPS), Department of Microelectronics

PhD thesis (Jun 2005): Trade-offs in Buffer Planning
Promotor: R.H.J.M. Otten, Nick van der Meijs

Expertise: IC design verification

Themes: VLSI design verification


Giuseppe Garcea was a PhD student at CAS. He finished in 2005, after which he went to Magma Design Automation.


  1. Trade-offs in buffer planning
    G. Garcea;
    PhD thesis, TU Delft, Dept. EEMCS, June 2005. ISBN 90-809648-3-2.

  2. Statistically aware buffer planning
    G.S. Garcea; N.P. van der Meijs; K.J. van der Kolk; R.H.M.J. Otten;
    In DATE'04,
    Paris, pp. 1402-1403, February 2004.

  3. Throughput driven unidirectional bus design for NoC applications
    G. Garcea; N.P. van der Meijs;
    In Prorisc'04,
    Veldhoven, November 2004.

  4. Are Wires Plannable?
    G. S. Garcea; R. H. J. M. Otten;
    In Proc. Int. Workshop on System-Level Interconnect Prediction,
    Sonoma, California, pp. 59--66, March 2001.

  5. Assessment of 3D Interconnect Geometry at the System Level
    G. S. Garcea; N. P. van der Meijs;
    In ProRISC IEEE 12th Annual Workshop on Circuits, Systems and Signal Processing,
    pp. 361--365, November 2001.

  6. Derivation of Dataflow Networks for a Domain Specific Applications
    G. Garcea;
    In Proc. of the 1999 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics,
    Bled, Slovenia, July 1999. Part of the student forum on Industrial Electronics within ISIE99.

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Giuseppe Garcea