MSc thesis project proposal

Wideband SatCom phased array

The objective of the activity is to analyse, design, manufacture and test a wideband phased array antenna. 
The proposed approach is to target planar antenna solutions based on connected arrays capable of steering a pencil beam over a very wide scan range, up to +/-60 degrees from broadside in all azimuthal planes. 

The array should be circularly polarized and based on a simple to manufacture printed circuit board technology.


All following courses:

EE4C05    Electromagnetics    
EE4510    Advanced Electromagnetics    
EE4725    Quasi Optical Systems    
EE4620    Spectral Domain Methods in Electromagnetics    


dr. Daniele Cavallo

Terahertz Sensing Group

Department of Microelectronics

Last modified: 2023-11-09