Specialization profile--Biomedical Circuits and Systems

The BioCAS sub-profile concentrates on circuits and systems for biomedical applications, such as 3D trans-esophageal echography, autonomous vital sign monitoring, transcutaneous and implantable closed-loop neurostimulators, and brain-machine interfaces

Suggested courses

MSc project proposals

Some examples of thesis topics (this list is not exhaustive):
BE[2023] Patch clamp experiments on activation behavior of cortical neurons to electrical stimulation
[2024, most likely already taken] New non-invasive neuromodulation technique for vagus nerve stimulation (VNS)
[2024] Stochastic-resonance front-end for the acquisition of high-density cortical signals
EIConformable CMOS-based implantable array for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Thesis examples

Contact person

For more information about the research group, possible thesis topics, and suggestions for your ISP:

dr. Tiago Costa

Bioelectronics Group

Department of Microelectronics