MSc Signals and Systems

Free electives (max 15 EC)

In the free electives space, students can select any MSc level course from (theoretically) any field. At most 15 EC can count for the IEP.

This space can be used to provide deeper specialization or to broaden the scope of your knowledge by taking more fundamental courses, possibly from other tracks or fields. This space can also be used for entrepreneurship courses, language courses, presentation courses or other skills-courses and the like. To a limited extend (at most 10 EC), this space can also be used to address deficits in prerequisite knowledge by taking BSc-level courses. Such courses in the MSc are called homologation courses. At most 6 EC of these homologation courses can be language courses.

The free elective space can also be used for an internship (min. 9 EC, max. 15 EC) or an extra project (max. 15 EC). The latter offers students the opportunity to enhance lab skills (such as a specific training), academic skills (such as writing a paper for publishing or participating in a conference with a poster presentation or paper) or for studying special topics (such as capita selecta with (guest) lecturers).

EE4715Array processing5 EC details
EE4740Data compression: Entropy and sparsity perspectives5 EC details
EE4750Tensor networks for green AI and signal processing4 EC details