EE2C11 Integrated circuits

Topics: Analysis and design of digital integrated circuits (electronics and systems aspects)

This course provides an introduction to analyzing and designing digital integrated circuits, in which both the circuit aspects and the system aspects will be studied. The opportunities and constraints associated with the realization of a digital system on a chip are taken as a starting point. Strong emphasis is placed on working with (approximate) models for physical artifacts. This course prepares for the EE2L11 project, delivering both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

The course covers basic concepts of integrated digital circuits and the principles of design and manufacturing; Operation of CMOS transistors, transistor models, inverters and complementary static logic, static and dynamic behavior; Memory elements; RC modeling of interconnect; Design as a trade-off between different requirements such as area and speed; System perspective: timing properties, architecture and realization of larger building blocks for eg arithmetic functions.


dr. Sijun Du (EI)

Power management integrated circuit (PMIC), energy harvesting, wireless power transfer, DC/DC converters.

Last modified: 2023-12-07


Credits: 5 EC
Period: 4/0/0/0