ET-Mi-201 Minor “Electronics for Robotics”

Topics: An entry-level acquaintance with the electronics that make robots operate, from principles to hands-on realisation

The minor offers students a platform for self-assessing their potential to do an Electrical Engineering (EE) MSc. The minor, as such, does not offer direct access to EE MSc programmes, the eligibility of students to progress to such programmes, and the possibly needed supplementary courses must be assessed on case-by-case basis.


dr. Daniele Cavallo

Phased Arrays, antenna modeling and design, integrated antennas Gerard Janssen

Physical layer communication; UWB; localization Chris Verhoeven

Design methodology for Analog Electronics, electronics for nano satellites, electronics for (swarm) robots

Last modified: 2022-09-02


Credits: 30 EC
Period: x/x/0/0