EE3115TU Digital Communication Systems

Topics: Transmission of digital signals
This course is part of the minor Electrical Engineering for Autonomous Exploration Robots (EE3039TU)

Transmission and distribution of information by means of telecommunication techniques form the backbone of our modern society. The course Telecommunications Techniques provides mathematical methods to describe and analyse communication systems for the transmission of digital signals.

Course Contents

In this course, mathematical methods are given to describe and evaluate communication systems for the transmission of digital signals: distortion and loss in signal transmission, description of physical transmission media, received signal power, noise and signal-to-noise ratio, system noise calculations, signal sampling and pulse modulation, digital transmission in baseband, bandpass signals: modulation and demodulation, generic transmitter and receiver concepts, digital modulation techniques, detection of digital signals: bit error probability.

Teachers Gerard Janssen

Physical layer communication; UWB; localization

Last modified: 2019-04-04


Credits: 3 EC
Period: 4/0/0/0
Contact: Gerard Janssen