Signal Processing Seminar

Future of Automotive Radar and Signal Processing Challanges

Tarik Kazaz, Juan Osorio, Karan Jayachandra
NXP Semiconductors, Eindhoven

The last decade has seen a rapid adoption of automotive radars to improve the safety of vehicles and to enable a higher level of driving autonomy. Even though major progress has been achieved in this effort, high-level automation has remained partially evasive due to the insufficient resolution of automotive radars.

In this presentation, we will be discussing several of the proposals to tackle those challenges, specifically the ones related to digitally modulated radars. The presentation will start with a brief discussion of the evolution of automotive radar and the alternatives to increase angular resolution, we will be focusing on the opportunities and challenges we envision for the adoption of imaging radars and specifically digitally modulated from the perspective of signal processing. Lastly, the presentation will finish with a live demonstration of one of the NXP corner radar sensors.

Presenters: Tarik Kazaz, Juan OsorioKaran Jayachandra

Overview of Signal Processing Seminar